The Latest iOS 16 Beta Update Is Set To Bring Back a Much Missed Feature to the iPhone

The latest iOS 16 beta update is set to bring back a much missed feature to the iPhone. This new long-lost setting originally was removed because of the notch of the iPhone X.

The Latest iOS 16 Beta Update Is Set To Bring Back a Much Missed Feature to the iPhone

The Latest iOS 16 Beta Update Is Set To Bring Back a Much Missed Feature to the iPhone

The release of the iOS 16 by apple this very fall will not only come with new features but it will also come back with an old one. Users will once again be able to check the battery percentage of the iPhones in the status bar just from anywhere on their devices.

After the release of the iPhone x which came with the notch, which is the black bar located at the top of your device that plays host to the speaker and camera, there was not much space left to keep the battery percentage up there. That being said, apple had to nix the feature from iOS.

You Can Always Swipe Down To View Your Battery Percentage

Of course, you can swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone in order to view the exact percentage in the control center, but it is however not the same. You just cannot glance at the percentage of the battery from within any app or the home screen. Also, it’s nearly impossible to gauge the exact percentage from the battery icon alone which is not so good in the event that your iPhone is close to dying off.

The latest developer beta (5th) and public beta (3rd) release of iOS 16 thankfully reintroduce the battery percentage number back to your status bar which is inside of your existing battery icon.

How to Get the Battery Percentage Back In the Status Bar on iOS 16

In order to view your battery percentage in the status bar on iOS 16, you will need to be in the latest iOS 16 beta (3rd) or developer beta (5th).

And once you update, you should now see the percentage in the battery icon in the top right of your screen almost from anywhere on your iPhone. Doing this will help you keep a close eye on when your iPhone is topped off or even close to going off and also when you should begin to charge it.

And although the settings is turned on by default, you can instead go to settings > battery and then toggle on the battery percentage option just to make sure it works. And when your device is charging, the battery icon will turn green completely, therefore, showing you the percentage. Being in low power mode on the other hand will turn the battery icon to yellow completely but again with the percentage still inside.


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