The African Masterclass Series III (AMS 3) For Young Social Innovators – APPLY NOW

The African Masterclass Series III is a three-week immersive learning experience that empowers individuals to create a greater impact through personal transformation and social innovation.

The African Masterclass Series III

It showcases six accomplished social innovators who have made tangible social impacts in various areas. By sharing their experiences and insights, this series inspires and equips other changemakers and social innovators to drive sustainable development in their own communities and society.

The third edition, titled “ImpactX: Create Greater Impact through Personal Transformation and Social Innovation,” emphasizes the importance of embracing social innovation and personal growth for organizations and individuals in advancing social transformation and driving sustainable development across Africa and the world.

Objectives of African Masterclass Series III

  • Explore the Path of Social Innovation: Gain insights into the process and journey of creating meaningful and impactful social innovations.
  • Enhance Quality of Life: Promote the betterment of individuals and communities by improving their welfare and overall well-being.
  • Nurture Personal Development: Foster a positive mindset, self-reflection, and personal growth.
  • Increase Self-awareness: Deepen understanding of strengths, weaknesses, values, and emotions.
  • Embark on a Journey of Personal Transformation: Recognize areas for improvement and embark on transformative personal journeys.
  • Shift in Mindset: Cultivate a change in perspective to unlock new possibilities and opportunities for social innovation, impact, and personal growth.
  • Build Emotional Resilience: Address emotional wounds and foster greater resilience for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Benefits of African Masterclass Series III

Some of the benefits attached to this program are as follows:

  • Gain crucial strategies that are essential for driving transformative change and making a meaningful societal impact.
  • Connect with fellow innovators and change-makers who share a passion for creating positive social change.
  • Benefit from the wisdom and guidance of influential mentors and thought leaders, acquiring practical knowledge to advance their initiatives.
  • Join a global community of social innovators, changemakers, development practitioners, nonprofit professionals, and other entities committed to promoting sustainable development in Africa and worldwide.

Requirements of African Masterclass Series III

  • This empowering series is open to all African citizens who are passionate about creating positive social change and are determined to make a meaningful impact within their communities.

How  to Apply For Masterclass Series III

Application Deadline

October 9, 2023.

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