The 6 Best Email Marketing Software of 2021

The 6 Best Email Marketing Software of 2021. The function of email marketing software is to provide you with varieties of services, tools, and resources that will enable you to design emails, schedule campaigns of emails, contact uploading, and see the overall data on how your emails are performing. However, there are several Email Marketing Software but only six of them are chosen to be the best of it in 2021.

The 6 Best Email Marketing Software of 2021

Therefore, if you are in dark about what makes them the best, pay rapt attention to this article as its main essence is to shed light on it.

What Are The 6 Best Email Marketing Software Of 2021?

Entrepreneurs are steadily trying to improve the efforts of their market. Email Marketing remains the best marketing tool, however, it is important to choose the best Email Marketing Software that can take your marketing to the best level. So the best of them will be explained below;


This is the best overall email marketing software because it contains the features most business wants, without being overly perplexing. It is the perfect tool to send emails to customers in an easy way because it has an easy-to-use email editor.

If upgraded to the first paid plan too, it grants you access to more advanced tools like multi-step journeys and A/B testing. Businesses that use it enjoy easy-to-understand reporting that aids them to know what is working and vice versa.


It is the best email marketing software for automation. This software has hundreds of pre-built automation that enables the personalization of each subscriber’s campaigns.

The software is also fast and friendly. ActiveCampaign includes sales automation so as to enable the working together of your marketing and sales processes so as to earn more revenue.


This email marketing software is the easiest to use. It has the drag and drop interface that causes it fun and intuitive to create the design of your choice. The best feature of it is its simplicity which is what makes the software streamlined look and clean.

It is the perfect software for businesses looking for approaches that are straightforward to email marketing and have their mastery in days, not months.


It is the best everything in one email marketing software. Great tools and reporting are crucial parts of it that allow your marketing campaign across many channels such as email marketing, website, socials, and more.

In Hubspot’s CRM, you can store all information pertaining to contacts and it attracts the audience through online advertisement, lead forms and live chat. This platform makes a highlight of best practices for successful marketing campaigns


This email marketing software is the most affordable of them all. Its paid plans cost less than most on the market. Payment can be made on this platform either by the number of subscribers or by the number of emails sent based on which is the cheapest to you. Thus, making it attractive and also timely emails out to your audience.


It is the best email marketing software for electronic commerce businesses. It is the best in this category because of its workflow being sophisticated joined with advanced list segmentation hence, making subscribers receive personalized emails brought out by their shopping behaviors on your site, they also receive follow-ups on this platform based on how you interact with them.

Thus, with everything explained above, you should know the best email marketing software of 2021 and with them being used, it should bring your business to the best level.


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