Global Warming 2023 – Effects Causes And Solutions to Global Warming            

Global Warming 2023. Global warming is said to be the gradual heating of the earth’s surface, oceans, and atmosphere. According to the UK Met Office, the global temperature this year is predicted to rise above 1.2C. this is way above what they were before humans began to drive changes in climate.

Global Warming 2023
Global Warming 2023

If this is true, it will make it the tenth year in a row of successive increases in global temperatures 1C above their figures in the pre-industrial times.

Although 2016 still holds the record for the hottest year, the fact does not change that something needs to be done about global warming.

Global Warming 2023

Global warming also refers to the rise in the sea level which is being caused by an expansion of warmer seas and melting ice sheets and glaciers. It is also an aspect of climate change that refers to the rise of the planet’s temperature.

Causes of Global Warming            

It is noted that humans have caused most of the global warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we upgrade our modern lives. Global warming is caused by human activities. One of these activities includes the burning of fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases into the air.

Scientists have also said that humans cause global warming when they put too much carbon in the atmosphere, by extracting and burning coal, oil, and gas. Also cutting down trees and burning forests leads to this.

Effects of Global Warming 2023

Global warming which is being caused by human activities causes immediate and direct changes to the planet.

  • An increase in average temperatures and temperature extremes is said to be one of the effects of global warming. It causes hotter days, every year records are being broken for the longest heatwaves.
  • Extreme weather event is also another effect of global warming. Extreme weather events include bush burning, droughts, floods, and cyclones. They are becoming frequent due to global warming activities.
  • Ice melt is another effect of global warming. The sea level increase due to ice melting. Warmer temperatures are said to also result in the expansion of the water mass, which causes the sea level to rise.
  • Our oceans are now warming and acidifying. Oceans have mostly absorbed heat and carbon dioxide far more than air thereby making the seas warm and acidic.

These and lots more are the effects of global warming.

Result of Global Warming in 2023

Mentioned below are some of the results of global warming.

  • It causes severe damages to homes through bush burning, storms, floods, and coastal erosion.
  • Global warming causes the death of humans, especially the elderly ones. High temperature and humidity also cause mosquito-borne diseases.
  • It results in water shortages, which are being caused by reduced rainfall and severe droughts.
  • Global warming also leads to food scarcity, thereby making food more expensive. This is caused by floods and extreme weather.
  • Weather change put species at risk of extinction.

These and a lot of unmentioned ones are the results of global warming in our environment today.

Remedy to Global Warming

It is true that we cannot stop global warming in the blink of an eye, even if we want to do that. The only solution to global warming now is to slow it down and also reduce its amount by limiting human emissions of heat-trapping gases.

Geoengineering or engineering is an alternative method that has been put in place to slow down global warming. Its proposal includes the cooling of the earth’s surface through injecting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere with the aim of scattering and reflecting sunlight back to space.

Another of its proposal includes seeding the oceans with iron in order to stimulate large-scale phytoplankton blooms, thereby drawing out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere via photosynthesis.

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