Terrifier 3 Release Date, Filming, Cast, and Everything We Know

Terrifier 3 release date, filming, cast, and everything we know. With the announcement of Terrifier 3, it simply means a return for Art the Clown as he continues the carnage.

Terrifier 3 Release Date

Terrifier 3 Release Date

“Terrifier 3,” the latest entry in the cult horror series featuring the silent but deadly killer clown Art the Clown, is officially in pre-production, signaling the return of the gore-filled franchise that has captivated indie horror enthusiasts. Originating from the creative mind of Damien Leone, the series gained immediate attention with its 2018 debut, notable for its modest $35,000 budget, extreme violence, and dedication to practical special effects, quickly becoming a cult classic.

Following the success of the first film, “Terrifier 2” received a substantial boost in funding, primarily through a successful IndieGogo campaign that initially sought $50,000 for a particularly ambitious practical effects scene. The campaign’s overwhelming success led to Leone securing over $250,000 from private investors, allowing for a more elaborate production.

With “Terrifier 3,” the franchise is set to escalate further, with a significantly larger budget described by Priscilla Smith, president and founder of The Coven (a French distribution company) and executive producer, as a “low-mid seven-figure budget.” The announcement comes in the wake of a fan-driven campaign to secure an Academy Award nomination for “Terrifier 2,” spearheaded by the horror publication Bloody Disgusting. While the campaign did not succeed, Smith humorously noted the team’s ambition to pursue an Oscar for “Terrifier 3.”

Producers Lisa Falcone and Phil Falcone, who have been integral to the executive production of the series, are confirmed to return for the third installment. This continued collaboration and increased financial backing hint at an even more ambitious vision for “Terrifier 3,” promising to push the boundaries of horror cinema and the iconic character of Art the Clown.

What Is the Release Date of Terrifier 3

“Terrifier 3” is poised to deliver its unique brand of horror to audiences on October 25, 2024, strategically timed to coincide with the Halloween season. The decision to premiere the film in theaters follows the unexpected box office success of “Terrifier 2,” underscoring the franchise’s growing popularity and the impact of its theatrical presentations.

In June 2023, Cineverse, an entertainment company, announced its acquisition of the North American distribution rights for “Terrifier 3,” committing to a wide theatrical release. This approach reflects confidence in the franchise’s theatrical appeal and its ability to draw audiences into cinemas for a communal horror experience.

After completing its run in theaters, “Terrifier 3” will transition to streaming, becoming available exclusively on Cineverse’s streaming platform, Screambox. This move ensures that the film reaches a broader audience, providing fans and new viewers alike the opportunity to experience the terror of Art the Clown from the comfort of their homes, further cementing the “Terrifier” series as a significant presence in contemporary horror cinema.

Terrifier 3 Trailer

Audiences who attended the special re-release of “Terrifier 2” on November 1, 2023, were treated to an early preview of the “Terrifier 3” teaser trailer, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the next chapter of the horror saga.

Cineverse released the teaser online on November 13, 2023, expanding its reach to a wider audience. The teaser, lasting just over two minutes, presents a chilling scenario set on Christmas Eve. It depicts a young girl who, in anticipation of seeing Santa Claus, sneaks downstairs, only to encounter a figure in a red suit. Her initial excitement turns to horror as the true identity of the visitor is revealed to be not Santa, but the menacing Art the Clown, setting a foreboding tone for “Terrifier 3” and hinting at the twisted horror that awaits.

What Is the Film About?

While specific plot details for “Terrifier 3” remain closely guarded, the film’s promotional materials, including its first poster and the teaser trailer, hint at a Christmas setting for the upcoming horror sequel. This seasonal backdrop promises a sinister twist on holiday cheer, with Art the Clown bringing his own brand of terror to the festive period.

Damien Leone, the creative force behind the “Terrifier” series, shared with Variety that the concept for “Terrifier 3” crystallized in his mind concurrently with the development of “Terrifier 2.” This suggests that Leone has a clear vision for the franchise’s direction and the thematic continuity between the installments, with the Christmas setting offering a fresh context for Art the Clown’s horrifying antics.

Fans of the series can look forward to seeing how Leone’s early ideas have evolved into the final narrative of “Terrifier 3,” set against the incongruously joyous backdrop of the holiday season.

Damien Leone, the visionary behind the “Terrifier” series, has indicated plans to escalate the level of violence and gore in “Terrifier 3” beyond what audiences have seen in the franchise’s prior installments. In October 2022, Leone revealed that he was already developing a treatment for “Terrifier 3,” signaling his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the horror genre further.

This intention to amplify the film’s intensity suggests that “Terrifier 3” aims to not only continue the series’ legacy of shocking and visceral horror but also to set new benchmarks for what fans can expect from the franchise’s portrayal of extreme horror elements.

The official plot synopsis via Cineverse for The film reads;

“In the third installment of Damien Leone’s breakout horror film, Art the Clown is set to unleash chaos on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.”

Cast and Characters

David Howard Thornton is set to reprise his chilling role as Art the Clown in “Terrifier 3,” continuing his portrayal of the silent, menacing figure that has become a hallmark of the franchise. Thornton’s performance as Art the Clown has garnered significant attention, cementing him as a key figure in modern horror.

Beyond the “Terrifier” series, Thornton has ventured into the burgeoning genre of horror adaptations of classic childhood characters, starring as a malevolent version of “The Grinch” in the 2022 horror film, “The Mean One,” following in the footsteps of “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.”

Lauren LaVera will also return to the “Terrifier” saga as Sienna Shaw, the protagonist whose character arc in “Terrifier 2” positioned her as a formidable counterpart to Art the Clown. LaVera, originally from Philadelphia, has been recognized for her performance in the franchise and her involvement in various short films. Her portrayal of Sienna as an angel-warrior, drawing inspiration from the Valkyries of Nordic mythology, and evolving into a supernatural force, underscores the thematic depth director Damien Leone aims to explore in the series.

Leone has expressed a particular fondness for Sienna’s character, highlighting her as his favorite creation and emphasizing her pivotal role in the franchise’s future. The return of Elliot Fullam as Jonathan Shaw and Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes further solidifies the continuity and expanding narrative scope of the “Terrifier” series, setting the stage for an epic confrontation between good and evil in “Terrifier 3.”

When Will Terrifier 3 Film

“Terrifier 3” is slated for a theatrical release later this year, though filming for the anticipated slasher sequel has yet to commence. Director Damien Leone disclosed in a recent interview that the production of “Terrifier 3” is scheduled to begin in February 2024.

While the exact duration of the filming process remains uncertain, the timeline suggests a relatively swift production phase, given that the movie is set to premiere in theaters just eight months following the start of filming. This tight schedule indicates an efficient and focused production effort to meet the anticipated release date.



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