Top 6 Tax Relief Companies That Can Help You Save Money

Dealing with tax debt can be stressful, both financially and emotionally experience. Luckily, there are specialized tax relief companies dedicated to helping you resolve overdue taxes, ease your financial burden, and minimize associated penalties.

Tax Relief Companies That Can Help You Save Money

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best tax relief companies, carefully selected based on factors like affordability, expertise, customer satisfaction, and the range of services offered.

Anthem Tax Services – Known to be the Best Money

Anthem Tax Services provides tax relief and preparation services to both individuals and businesses. What sets them apart is their impressive 100% money-back guarantee. If they can’t save you money or rework your debt, you’ll receive a full refund.

Key Information:

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes (if you don’t save money or have your debt reworked)
  • Minimum tax debt: $10,000

For those seeking a money-back guarantee and professional tax assistance, Anthem Tax Services is a reliable choice.

Tax Hardship Center – Known to be the Best Tax Relief Guidance

Tax Hardship Center offers a wide range of tax relief solutions for individuals and businesses. Their services include offers in compromise, partial payment agreements, installment agreements, penalty abatement, and tax audit representation. Additionally, they offer tax preparation services.

Key Information:

  • Free consultation: Call 844-332-3001
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes (for 14 days)
  • Minimum tax debt: $10,000

If you’re in need of expert guidance and appreciate a money-back guarantee, Tax Hardship Center is an excellent choice.

Tax Rise – Known to be Best for Small Debts

Tax Rise employs a team of tax professionals to assist individuals and businesses with tax debt issues from both the IRS and state authorities. What distinguishes them is their low minimum debt requirement of $5,000, making them accessible to those with smaller tax debts.

Key Information:

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
  • Minimum tax debt: $5,000

If you have a smaller tax debt and need assistance, Tax Rise is an ideal option with its lower minimum requirement.

Community Tax – Known to be the Best All-Around Tax Experience

Community Tax is a comprehensive tax resolution firm catering to individuals and businesses. Their assistance can include establishing payment plans, installment agreements, offers in compromise, and more. Additionally, they offer accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services.

Key Information:

  • Free consultation: Call 855-812-4507
  • Money-back guarantee: No
  • Minimum tax debt: $7,500

For those seeking a wide range of tax services, Community Tax is an ideal choice.

Precision Tax Relief – Known to be Best for One Upfront Fee

Precision Tax Relief is known for its expertise in resolving and reducing IRS or state tax debt for individuals and businesses. They charge one upfront fee based on your consultation, ensuring transparency and avoiding unexpected costs.

Key Information:

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • Minimum tax debt: $10,000

If you prefer a clear pricing structure and value a money-back guarantee, Precision Tax Relief is an excellent option.

Larson Tax Relief – Known to be the Best Free Consultation

Larson Tax Relief offers tax relief services for individuals and businesses dealing with business or personal tax debts. They have been assisting clients since 2005 and provide a free consultation where they assess your federal and state tax debts at no cost.

Key Information:

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: 15 days
  • Minimum tax debt: $25,000

For those who appreciate a free consultation and have substantial tax debt, Larson Tax Relief is a top choice.

How Tax Relief Works

Working with a tax relief company typically starts with a free consultation. During this consultation, you’ll provide details about your tax issues, and the company will analyze your situation to determine the most suitable tax relief service for you.

The company will then communicate with the IRS or your state tax authority to access updated records of your tax account.

Is Tax Relief Worth It?

Tax relief services often come with high fees, making them most suitable for those with substantial tax debt. It’s crucial to assess whether the savings from tax relief will outweigh the associated fees, especially if you are already facing financial challenges. Consider working directly with the IRS or seeking guidance from financial advisors if you’re hesitant about tax relief fees.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue tax relief should be based on a careful evaluation of your financial situation and the potential benefits of resolving your tax debt through a tax relief company.

If you prefer not to incur tax relief fees, you can explore options to work directly with the IRS to address your tax issues, such as setting up installment plans or applying for relief programs.

Remember that seeking advice from a financial advisor can provide valuable insights before making a decision regarding tax relief services.


When facing tax debt, it’s essential to choose a reputable tax relief company that aligns with your specific needs. The options presented in this article have been carefully selected based on their expertise, services, and customer satisfaction. Conduct further research and consultations to determine the best tax relief solution for your unique situation. Your path to financial relief starts with making an informed choice.

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