T-Mobile to Delay The Shutdown of its Sprint 3G Network

The network providing company, T-Mobile recently pushed back its planned shutting down of its sprint 3D network to give its partners more time. The delay will be in three months. And during this time, its customers will have better transition time.

T-Mobile to Delay The Shutdown of its Sprint 3G Network

T-Mobile to Delay The Shutdown of its Sprint 3G Network

The company originally has planned to discontinue the network way back in January. But recently, the date has now been pushed back to march 31st, 2022.

In a statement published, the company said “recently it’s become increasingly clear that some of those partners haven’t followed through on their responsibility to help their customers through the shift…so we’re stepping up on their behalf.”

The statement by the company does not mention any name, but according to reports it could be referring to dish network. Both sides have already argued about the company’s plans to shut down its 3G sprint legacy network. The reason for this is that it would have a negative impact on dish’s boost mobile customers.

The Terms of T-Mobile and Sprint Merger

During the T-Mobile/sprint merger, one of the conditions that were stated was that when dish acquired boost mobile in July, 2020 the main goal was to take sprints position as the fourth wireless carrier in the United States of America.

After T-Mobile made the announcement that it is planning to shut down sprints CDMA network, the chairman of dish Charlie Ergen compared the T-Mobile company to the Grinch. He also said that his company is in the process of making every effort in their power to migrate its customers.

In a bog post however, CEO of T-Mobile mike Sievert wrote that dish was “dragging their feet in getting their customers upgraded to the superior 4G/5G world.”

The Department Of Justice Concern Over Shutting Down Of Sprints 3G Network

The situation was a very sensitive one and it was soon getting to a messy one that he department of justice had to intervene. In a letter sent by the department of justice in July, the department told T-Mobile and dish network that it had concerns about the shutting down of sprints legacy network.

The department further went on to urge both parties involved to take all the appropriate and needed steps to help reduce the impact it would cause on customers that still rely on the network.


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