Steam Proves It Has Never Been More Popular

Steam proves it has never been more popular as it breaks the 30 million mark for concurrent users. See that – PC gaming is not dying yet.

Steam Proves It Has Never Been More Popular

Steam Proves It Has Never Been More Popular

Just recently, gaming platform steam broke a major milestone in regards to concurrent gamers making use of the platform at the weekend thus exceeding the 30 million mark.

As spotted by Tom’s Hardware, the number of gamers on steam simultaneously goes to 30,032,005 on October 23.

You should however note that there is a distinction here in regards to those active users as they necessarily were not simultaneously playing games as some of them might just be browsing the store, forums, or any other thing you can do on the valves platform aside from playing actual games. In fact, 8.5 million were in-game which of course falls short of the record on that very score as the platform previously exceeded 9 million.

Steam Has Been Experiencing a Spike in Users since the Pandemic

But whichever way you want to put it, that’s a lot of people on steam, and the numbers ever since the pandemic hit have been growing to make more people venture into gaming.

Ever since the start of 2021, momentum has considerably gathered when the record number of concurrent gamers got to 25.4 million and then accelerated to 27.4 million at the close of last year. And then in March 2022, the record got tastily close to 30 million but fell a touch short, but right now, the milestone finally has fallen.

PC Gaming Is Here To Stay

The type of progress in regard to active steam users is a sign that the PC gaming industry remains in good standing. This is welcome news in the face of a lot of gloom and doom recently around the PC market experiencing a dip in sales and declines with related components also such as system RAM and graphics cards.


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