New Outdoor Speakers from Focal Looks Like the Rock Trolls From Frozen

New outdoor speakers from Focal looks like the rock trolls from Frozen. These stone shaped speakers are the ultimate in outdoor rock music.

New Outdoor Speakers from Focal Looks Like the Rock Trolls From Frozen

New Outdoor Speakers from Focal Looks Like the Rock Trolls From Frozen

If you should ask us to make a list of all the possible products that might be conceptualized, research, manufacture and released next by Focal, the pebble-shaped, stone-colored outdoor speakers would not make a feature on it, but that does not actually mean that we are not onboard with this.

The French high-end audio specialist just recently released Littora which we assume is a play on ‘littoral’ which means relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake even.

What to Expect With the New Outdoor Speakers from Focal

What you have got with this is a comprehensive range of water and weather resistant speakers that are fashioned to look just like garden stones and other naturally occurring objects.

And aside from the fact that the speakers can fit to sit in pol areas, gardens and outdoor entertaining areas, the company focal also tells us that customers might also consider the range as an install option for a yatch

All of the speakers in the range expectedly have the performance and innovation from a company like focal.  But the visual star of the whole show however is the OD Stone which is an egg shaped speaker and it is available in textured limestone, sand finishes and Basalt.

The Focal OD Sub 12 Speaker

It looks very much like Grand Pabbie, the wise which is an elderly rock troll who occasionally rolls in to dispense out some magic to Elsa and Anna in the Frozen animation.  The OD sub 12 speaker on the other hand by Focal is yet another interesting one. This is a semi- buried subwoofer that promises to add superb bass to your outdoor sound.

The OD range as you should know is rounded out by the OD Sat 5 speakers with its versatile designs that can easily be wall-mounted or even planted in the ground in a bid to complete the otherworldly Arendelle aesthetic and sound system as well.


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