Elden Rings Co-op – How to Play Multiplayer in Elden Rings

Summoning other players into your game world or to be able to enter your friend’s game world is called Elden Rings Co-op in Elden Ring. It is possible to summon players into your game world using the summon sign at the bottom.

Elden Rings Co-op

This is the latest action role-playing game of the year 2022 focusing more on combat and exploration that was developed by FromSoftware. On February 25 Elden Rings was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S. This is about a particular player character on a journey to repair the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord.

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Elden Rings Co-op

Elden Rings supports up to three players at a time: one host of fingers and two golden phantoms to support the host of fingers. You can unlock Multi playing with the completion of the tutorial leaving the stranded graveyard into the grassy realm of Lim’s grave and the lands between.  If you are the type of player who would love to be summoned by anyone there is an item you could use which is called the Tarnished Furled Finger close to the small golden Effigy.

The golden symbol is where the player is standing, the place that random players can see, and the player on the golden symbol can be triggered by them (random players). But you cannot see that golden symbol until you have the potential to use an item in the menu called the Furlcalling Finger Remedy they are invisible and not useful until you unlock that item.

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How to Play Multiplayer

Playing can be very nice and probably interesting but playing with friends is where the fun lies, Here we are going to talk about the possible ways of playing Multiplayer on Elden Rings.

  • You need uninterrupted internet connections on your console or whatever devices you would be using.
  • Open the game menu and choose the option “multiplayer”. This is not just you, but you and your friends have to choose the option.
  • Then go to the settings and put in your multiplayer password. You and your friends must enter a matching password that could be anything.
  • Next, everyone but the host would use a special item marked in the multiplayer menu called “small golden Effigy”. These would bring a message that says “sending co-op sign to summoning pool”.
  • The person playing as the host would need to find a small statue called a Martyr Effigy specifically in the area they need help with. These are statues that have arms outstretched, found at the entrance to the dungeon or outside boss arenas.
  • If your friends do not have the small golden effigy, they have to head back to the first area outside the stranded graveyard at the bottom of the tree sentinel.
  • Interact with the Martyr to open the summoning pool revealing a symbol that permits you to summon your friends who have used the matching password.

Pc Requirement to get Elden rings

If you want to download this awesome game on your PC or If you have downloaded Elden rings on your system and you are having issues then check out these requirements so you can have fun playing the game or having great fun playing with your friends on your system or PC you should note the following:

  • Your system must have a DirectX version 12.
  • The storage of Elden rings is incredibly large so you would need storage of 60GB.
  • Your sound card needs to be matchable with windows audio device.
  • Your system needs to have a RAM of 12GB.
  • The operating system should be windows 10.
  • The Processor of your system should be INTEL CORE I5-8400 or AMD RYZEN 3 3300X.

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Platforms where I can get Elden Ring

Currently, so many of us who are video game lovers are curious about how to get this new exciting game so we could explore its features. You can’t get the game on every platform, but you can the game on some specific platforms which are:

  • Xbox series X/S.
  • Xbox One.
  • PlayStation 5.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • Steam digital storefronts.

There is another interesting news. Elden rings would be available for preload 48 hours before the release on platforms like PlayStation and Steam.

Elden Rings Prices, Platforms, and versions

So many can’t wait for the release and would love to be able to get it when it is released. Well, this is good news because it is available for pre-order on platforms like:

  • Best Buy:
  • Amazon:
  • GameStop


This is one of the platforms where you can get the Elden Rings for preorder.  But you can get the game on amazon with different versions and different platforms. Let us emphasize it a little.

Let’s talk about the different versions and the different platforms:

Elden rings the standard version on PS5, PS4, Xbox series X/S, Xbox One, and PC for pre-order priced at $59.99 and available on Amazon. But the standard version of the Elden ring in the UK is £44.95 on all different platforms, only the PC version is available at the price of £41.80.

All the prices we have talked about are for the standard version. Now the digital deluxe edition in the US is at the price of $79.99 on the different platforms listed above. While in the UK, from the PlayStation store it is available for £64.99 for PS5 and PS4. The Xbox series X is available for £64.99.

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Best Buy

This is another platform where you preorder Elden rings. These are the different versions and different platforms.

Elden rings standard version on PS5, PS4, Xbox series X/S, and  Xbox one are all available for preorder at the price of $59.99. the best buy price is not available in the UK.


The GameStop platform also has the standard version of Elden rings. The price of Elden ring is as follows: In the US, the prices for PS5, PS4, Xbox series X/S and, Xbox one are all available for $59.99. le in the prices are at the price £54.99. While the price for a PC is £40 5.

While the collector edition in the UK for the game collection is £179.95 for PS5, PS4, Xbox series X, and Xbox one.


Does Elden ring have a coop?

Yes, it has the Coop which makes the game more of a multiplayer game that is why Elden ring is the right choice to play with a partner.

Is Elden Ring multiplayer good?

One of the features of Elden co-op multiplayer has Is the feature of privacy that would make you love the game. Elden ring multiplayer allows the players to protect their game with a password. With this password, no other person except your friends who already share the password would be able to summon you into their game.

How many players can play in Elden ring coop?

Game progression is the mod that allows up to four players to engage in the game. While Elden ring already supports three players coop to play to a point. The mod allows each player to stay together for as long as they want.

How Does one Summon 4 Players to Elden ring?

You navigate to the multiplayer tab in the main menu, then create a strong and secure password and share it with your friends. Then continue your type in the game on each other’s game.

Why is my Elden Co-op game not working?

The reason for this issue could be a result of a poor internet connection. So to have fun with the game you should have a very strong network or internet connection. To have a good and stable internet connection try rebooting your wi-fi router.

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