Startup’s Planned 5G Blackberry Revival Is Formally Gone

Startup’s Planned 5G Blackberry Revival Is Formally Gone. OnwardMobility, the startup expecting to resuscitate Blackberry telephones with a 5G console prepared Android gadget, is finishing its work on the telephone and closing down as an organization.

Startup’s Planned 5G Blackberry Revival Is Formally Gone

“It is with extraordinary bitterness that we declare that OnwardMobility will close down, and we will never again be continuing with the improvement of a super solid cell phone with an actual console,” the organization wrote in a proclamation on its site.

The declaration doesn’t come as a very remarkable shock given reports that OnwardMobility’s 5G Blackberry had been dropped recently.

But at the time there was the theory that the organization could live on and endeavor to deliver a 5G console prepared Android telephone without the Blackberry name.

Presently, be that as it may, we know it’s as far as it goes for the organization overall as well as the actual item.

Startup’s Planned 5G Blackberry Revival Is Formally Gone

As noted by the verge, in spite of saying “this isn’t the result we worked and expected,” OnwardMobility’s assertion doesn’t give any sign of precisely why it dropped the venture.

Yet, Android Police recently revealed that its permit to utilize the Blackberry marking had as of late been dropped.

What’s more, for the most part, it can’t have been simply attempting to make it as a new cell phone producer in the midst of a continuous worldwide chip deficiency.


BlackBerry was one of the most conspicuous cell phone brands on the planet; represents considerable authority in secure correspondences and versatile usefulness, and is notable for the consoles on the greater part of its gadgets. At its top in September 2013, there were 85 million BlackBerry supporters around the world.

The pioneer in carrying email administrations to handheld mobiles, with its brand name QWERTY console, BlackBerry turned into a moment sweetheart of world pioneers, corporate honchos, and the rich and renowned the same.

To be sure, possessing a BlackBerry gadget was once a superficial point of interest, and BlackBerry fixation was a common condition.

Blackberry Still Counts

Blackberry clients bid farewell to the notable gadget on January 4, 2022. The telephone’s inheritance programming was decommissioned, meaning all exemplary Blackberry telephones can presently not be utilized.

The Blackberry, at its pinnacle, was a favorite of top execs but was phased out in favor of touchscreen smartphones.

Another reason BlackBerry’s fall from grace was so steep is because it didn’t pay as much attention to the likes of BlackBerry-created phones for businesses. As such, it didn’t see the iPhone as a direct competitor.


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