Stanbic IBTC Sort Code, Nigeria

A sort code is a six-digit number that tells you which bank and branch a bank account was opened at. In the UK banking system, it’s mainly used to show where payments are coming from or going to.

Stanbic IBTC Sort Code, Nigeria
Stanbic IBTC Sort Code, Nigeria

Every bank account in the UK has a sort code. Banks in Nigeria and other countries have adopted this system. Read this article exhaustively to get more information about Stanbic IBTC Sort Code, Nigeria.

Do You Need a Sort Code

Simply put, you need a sort code. When transferring funds from one account in one bank branch to another in the same bank or another bank, the sort code is typically used.

What is Stanbic IBTC’s Sort Code

Stanbic IBTC Bank’s sort code varies by branch and location. To find the specific sort code for your branch, you can check your bank statement, visit the bank’s website, or contact their customer service.

Stanbic IBTC’s Sort Code

Here is a list of the sort codes of Stanbic IBTC in Nigeria:

  • 221150014 – IDEJO
  • 221150027 – ALLEN AVENUE
  • 221150030 – NNAMDI AZIKIWE
  • 221150043 – OFFIN ROAD
  • 221150072 – AWOLOWO ROAD
  • 221150108 – MARTINS STREET
  • 221150124 – APAPA
  • 221150137 – ADETOKUNBO ADEMOLA
  • 221150218 – MUR. MOHAMMED AIRPORT
  • 221150221 – TINCAN
  • 221150234 – NPA ACCOUNT BLOCK
  • 221150289 – TRADE FAIR
  • 221150302 – ALAUSA
  • 221150357 – MURI OKUNOLA
  • 221150360 – IKEJA 3 (OBA AKRAN AVENUE)
  • 221150386 – BALOGUN BUSSINESS ASS.
  • 221150399 – IDUMAGBO AV.
  • 221150182 – ALABA
  • 221150111 – SURULERE
  • 221180149 – AKURE
  • 221190168 – IBADAN (GBAGI)
  • 221190265 – IWO ROAD
  •  221290372 – ILE IFE
  • 221190401 – IBADAN MAIN
  • 221170418 – ABEOKUTA
  • 221040496 – BENIN CITY

  • 221230057 – ABA
  • 221230293 – ABA MARKET
  • 221210080 – PORT HARCOURT
  • 221020173 – ONITSHA
  • 221240241 – WARRI
  • 221010345 – UYO
  • 221100446 – OWERRI
  • 221070424 – CALABAR
  • 221250503 – ENUGU
  • 221120060 – KANO
  • 221110096 – KADUNA
  • 221080155 – ABUJA GARKI
  • 221080252 – ABUJA MAIN
  • 221110193 – ZARIA
  • 221050318 – MAKURDI
  • 221200320  – JOS
  • 221060337 – MAIDUGURI

  • 221140435 – ILORIN
  • 221220452 – SOKOTO
  • 221030480 – BAUCHI
  • 221090514 – YOLA
  • 221130461 – KATSINA
  • 221160473 – MINNA
  • 221159522 – HEAD OFFICE
  • 221150551 – AFRIBANK ST
  • 221080579 – ABUJA III
  • 221150593 – TOYIN ST
  • 221150629 – APAPA II
  • 221210637 – PH OLU-OBASANJO

  • 221150645 – LAGOS
  • 221120659 – KANO
  • 221080663 – ABUJA
  • 221210679 – PORT HARCOURT
  • 221150687 – IKEJA
  • 221150690 – IKOTA

Where Do I Find the Sort Code for my Stanbic IBTC branch?

You can find the sort code for your specific Stanbic IBTC branch by checking your account statement, reaching out to the bank’s customer service, or visiting the bank’s official website

What is the Importance of Knowing My Stanbic IBTC Sort Code

Knowing your sort code is crucial for receiving payments, setting up direct deposits, initiating bank transfers, and ensuring that funds are properly routed to your specific branch.

Benefits Of a Sort Code

A sort code offers several benefits:

  • Efficient Transaction Processing: Sort codes help banks quickly and accurately route funds during transactions, ensuring timely processing of payments, transfers, and direct deposits.
  • Account Identification: They identify the specific bank and branch associated with an account, reducing errors and facilitating seamless communication between financial institutions.
  • Faster Payments: Sort codes enable fast and efficient payment methods like Faster Payments Service (FPS) in the UK, which allows for near-instant fund transfers.
  • Automated Transactions: Sort codes are crucial for setting up direct debits, standing orders, and other automated payment methods, simplifying bill payments and recurring transactions.
  • International Banking: In some cases, sort codes can be used to facilitate international transactions, although additional information like SWIFT/BIC codes is usually required.
  • Enhanced Security: Sort codes are part of the information used to verify the authenticity of a bank account when setting up online or mobile banking services, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Organized Financial Records: For individuals and businesses, sort codes help organize financial records by providing a clear reference for each bank account.
  • Simplified Banking Processes: Sort codes streamline various banking processes, making it easier for customers to manage their finances and for banks to offer efficient services.

Overall, sort codes play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the banking system, benefiting both financial institutions and their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sort Code the same as the Swift/BIC Code?

No, the sort code and SWIFT/BIC code serve different purposes. Sort codes are used for domestic transactions within a country, while SWIFT/BIC codes are used for international transactions.

Can I use the same Sort Code for all Stanbic IBTC branches?

No, each Stanbic IBTC branch has a unique sort code. If you have accounts in different branches, you will need to use the respective sort code for each branch.

How can I change my Stanbic IBTC branch’s Sort Code?

You cannot change your branch’s sort code as it is determined by the bank’s location. If you need to switch branches, you will need to open a new account in the desired branch with its associated sort code.

What happens if I use the wrong Sort Code for my transaction?

Using the wrong sort code can lead to delays or misdirection of funds. It’s essential to double-check the sort code before initiating any transactions to ensure accuracy.

Can I find Stanbic IBTC Sort Codes online?

Yes, Stanbic IBTC often provides a list of their branch sort codes on their official website. You can also inquire with the bank’s customer service for the most up-to-date information.



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