SSN (Social Security Number) – How to Get a Social Security Number     

What is SSN? Popularly known as social security number refers to or simply is a numerical identifier that is assigned to citizens and permanent residents of the U.S to help track their income and determine their benefits.



The social security number was created back in 1935. It was created as part of the new deal to help provide for retirement and other disability benefits. The original intention of this program was to help track the earnings of citizens and provide benefits. It has however evolved to be used for additional purposes and reasons such as tracking credit reports and identifying individuals for tax purposes.

The Social Security Number was created as part of a program that is developed by then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a bid to help the United States following the Great Depression. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act that very same year in order to help provide Americans with economic stability, especially people that are over the age of 65. The included financial benefits however were based on the amount of income or salary that they received before they entered retirement.

Individuals in the United States of America are asked to provide their SSN in order to obtain credit, create and open bank accounts, get governmental benefits, and also to make major purchases, among many other things.

How SSNs Work

All U.S citizens, temporary or working residents, and permanent residents have a social security number with little to no exceptions. Also, non-working residents can obtain a social security number due to the fact that it is very useful to businesses and various governmental entities.

Just in case you are looking for the legal framework on which the whole program is based, you can find it under section 205© (2) of the social security act (42 U.S. Code, chapter 7, subsection 405). The social security administration is tasked with the issuance of social security numbers and cards.

Social Security numbers as of now are now random streams of numbers but weren’t so prior to 2011. At that time, the first three digits in the SSN numbers represented the area in which the individual was born or was from. The next set of numbers originally represented the year or month of birth.

Due to the fact that there was concern about this being falsified, the Social Security Administration instead voted to have it represent a group of numbers. So far after this, no Social Security Numbers have been reused, although there have been some cases in which two people were issued the same social security number.

How to Get a Social Security Number     

Getting a social security number is easy as long as you meet up with the requirements. A social security number and its corresponding card may be gotten by filling out forms-5 which is the application for a social security card from the SSA. The form however covers getting an original card, replacing a card, and lastly, changing or correcting SSN records. There is no charge or cost for obtaining a social security number or card



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