Does BetterHelp Take Insurance – How Much Does BetterHelp Cost

Does BetterHelp take insurance? This is one of the most asked questions in regards to the online subscription service that offers virtual therapy sessions. And in this post, the question will be answered in detail. All you have to do is to read the content of this post from start to finish.

Does BetterHelp Take Insurance

Does BetterHelp Take Insurance

Generally, BetterHelp does not take insurance. The online platform operates generally on a subscription model. This means that you will have to subscribe to the platform in order to have access to their services. The fees for BetterHelp range from $60 – $80 every week and you also get to be billed on a monthly basis.

This also means that you will be charged between $240 and $320 every month which is payable by PayPal or via credit cards.  The subscription model for this platform in regards to how much BetterHelp cost includes;

  • Unlimited text messaging plan with your counselor.
  • A week live video session with your counselor.
  • Unlimited audio messaging with your counselor.

That’s it. You should also know that financial aid is available with BetterHelp. The platform will ask you to fill out or complete a survey in regards to your employment status and also your income on a monthly basis so as to check your eligibility.

How Much Does BetterHelp Cost

I have already given an update on how much BetterHelp cost already in the previous paragraphs of this post. But if on the other hand, you are just joining in on the conversation, here it is. The cost of therapy through BetterHelp ranges from as little as $60 to $90 every week and you are going to be billed monthly for the services rendered.

The cost of this online therapy platform is also dependent on your location, your preferences, and also the therapists that are available. Lastly, you can cancel your subscription to the platform and service at just about any time and for any given reason.

Why You Should Consider BetterHelp

There are lots of reasons why you should prioritize the services of this platform. For one, the service of BetterHelp is affordable and very professional. Their therapy services can be accessed by just anybody with a BetterHelp subscription plan from any device.

You get to text and chat with therapists all the time. And did I mention that there is a video option? Just in case I didn’t, yes, there is an option for video calling. The services of better help are discreet, convenient, and always professional.

Generally, online therapy offers access to mental health information and treatment to people in remote and rural areas who need it. The reason for this is that people living in such areas may not have access to any other form of mental health treatment due to the fact that there may be little to no mental health practices in their geographical region.

It can be a burden to take the long drive and a significant amount of your time in seeking therapy. With a reliable source of intent connection, online therapy will give you relatively quick and easy access to treatment that you may not have found to be readily accessible to you in previous times.

Another thing is that online therapy is very affordable and convenient. And due to the fact that you will be attending therapy sessions online and from the comfort of your home, you can easily schedule your therapy sessions at the times that are most convenient to you.


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