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The Employment Development Department California (EDD California) administers unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and paid family leave programs for the residents of the state. The EDD department provides services to keep both employers and job seekers connected and competitive.

Employment Development Department

EDD is the largest department in the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, it also oversees training programs funded by the act of the federal Workforce Investment of 1998. The EDD collects the employee payroll taxes and gathers data and research to generate information about the state’s economic and occupational demographics.

EDD which is short for Employment Development Department is California’s largest tax collection agency which handles the audit and collection of payroll taxes and maintains employment records for nearly 16 million workers in California.

Employment Development Department – EDD California

The EDD performs a number of functions, the services include

  • Helping employers to fill in required positions
  • Helping the unemployed residents of California to secure employment
  • Overseeing the workplace investment programs
  • Providing assistance for the disadvantaged so they can become more independent
  • Overseeing the unemployment and disability insurance programs
  • Collecting and overseeing the employment taxes

Now we are goiduties and responsibilitiesng to look at the various areas of the EDD and what their services are

EDD Branches

There are nine different branches of the EDD, let us look into these branches and what their  are;

  • The Administrative Branch: the administrative branch is an internal branch of the EDD. It provides certain services like support services, keeping track of the department‘s annual budget, and human resources services.
  • The Directorate Branch: this includes the Legal office and the Equal Employment office. It carries out duties like handling discrimination complaints and providing support with legal issues facing the department.
  • The disability insurance branch: this area performs duties like overseeing state disability programs and compensating employees who can’t work because of illness, injury, or pregnancy.
  • Information technology branch: this branch provides data and technical support for the entire department and oversees the largest IT units in the state.
  • The Policy, Accountability, and Compliance Branch: this is responsible for the audit and investigation of all programs that are offered through the EDD. It is also in charge of providing guidelines and information on legal matters.
  • Public Affairs Branch: this branch provides the marketing outreach and training in support of the EDD programs, it also manages the social media of the EDD.
  • Tax Branch: This branch is responsible for the collection of disability insurance tax, unemployment taxes, employment training tax, and personal income tax.
  • Unemployment Insurance Branch: The unemployment Insurance Branch provides unemployment benefits to the unemployed individuals who are willing and able to work, but have become unemployed due to circumstances or situations beyond their control.
  • Workforce Services Branch: this branch connects job-seekers with employers and they do so approximately one million times every year. The branch provides employee referrals, employment workshops, placement, and some other services.

The Mission and Visions of the EDD


The EDD‘s mission is to enhance the economic growth and prosperity of California by collaboratively delivering valuable and innovative services to meet the needs of both employers, workers, and job seekers.


The vision of the EDD is to strengthen the economic vitality of Californians and their communities.

Core values

these are the core values of the EDD;

Finally, we are going to list out the various programs of the EDD

The Programs of the EDD

The EDD programs are;

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