GTA Online to Get a Monthly Subscription on Xbox Series X and PS 5

GTA Online to Get a Monthly Subscription on Xbox Series X and PS 5 is good news to the public’s ears. GTA online, which is also known as the chronically updated multiplayer component to “grand Theft Auto V,” would be accompanied by a premium subscription plan for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X versions. Starting on the 29 of March, the new service titled “GTA+,” will offer special benefits to its subscribers who shell out $5.99 every month.

GTA Online to Get a Monthly Subscription on Xbox Series X and PS 5

GTA Online to Get a Monthly Subscription on Xbox Series X and PS 5

Of course, this announcement is yet to be met with unanimous praise. A lot of people are pushing back, especially those that are waiting for the announcement of a brand new “Grand Theft Auto” game rather than a perpetual rehashing of the same old game for new consoles. Twitter user and freelance writer @ribnax Stated in a tweet that he feels bad for GTA fans, that they would never get a new game.”

For reference, both the “Grand Theft Auto V” and “GTA Online” have been played widely since, 2013 when they released it on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles long ago.

PS5 and Xbox Series X owners that are looking to get the new “GTA+” service means that they get to subscribe right into a free copy of “GTA Online” might just be disappointed to find out that they still need to be in possession of a copy of the Grand Theft Auto V or GTA Online sold entirely separate. However, PS5 owners still get to claim “GTA Online” for free until June 14.

Here’s What’s Offered with GTA+

It seems like the Marquee features that GTA+ possesses is by subscribing and you would get $500,000 (GTA dollars) Delivered right to your online character’s in-game bank account. Other benefits that the subscribers get to enjoy include 3X bonuses to experience points and cash when playing Hao’s special Work Race series, complimentary exclusive car upgrades, waived Los Santos Car meet Membership fees, a Free Aquarius Super Yacht for existing Yacht owners, exclusive wardrobe items, and many more. You can get more details about the rest on Rockstar’s official blog.

If you happen to spend a lot of time playing “GTA Online,” it might actually be worth investing in the premium service if you would want to benefit from what it offers. GTA Online is GTA+ does not exactly seem nearly as cutthroat as the egregious “shark card” microtransactions that are already charged “GTA Online” Players as much as $2.99 for just about $100,000 in-game credits, up to about $99.99 for $8,000,000 in in-game credits, as Users on Reddit have pointed out.

Rockstar Games Effort

But at the moment, it is not clear if developers of Rockstar Games would be making any concessions in the coming future concerning what would funnel players right into subscribing to keep access to certain features that they are already enjoying, although it’s hard to imagine they’d opt to make GTA online even harder to access than it already is. Especially now that there is another PS5 release, “Gran Turismo 7,” is at the moment actively under fire for its implementation of microtransactions. That’s usually the general concern when services like these are made available, but right now, things just seem pretty tame.


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