Spotify Is Set To Take Down White Noise Podcasts on Its Platform

Spotify is set to take down white noise podcasts on its platform. White noise podcasters on the Spotify platform reportedly make $18,000 monthly and Spotify wants out. The music streaming platform knows just how much you listen to white noise podcasters and it really does not like it.

Spotify White Noise Podcasts

Spotify White Noise Podcasts

Reports now making the rounds claim that Spotify has got a $38m white noise problem on its platform and it is also not what you are thinking.

According to an internal document at the big green music streaming platform (spotted by Bloomberg), white noise as well as ambient podcasts reportedly accounted for 3 million daily consumption hours on Spotify as of January of this very year. And why is that bad, you may wonder? Ad payouts to podcasters, for those that don’t know.

Once Spotify worked out just how much airtime white noise podcasts (as well as their creators) were getting from the platform, the company allegedly considered taking them down from recommended feeds as well as also prohibiting future uploads, while in the process gearing listeners towards something that is more economically viable for Spotify. This very course of action could reportedly boost the annual gross profit of Spotify by €35 million, or even $38 million.

How Spotify Encouraged White Noise Podcasters on the Platform

To backtrack just a tad little bit, Spotify did however effectively encourage this kind of thing – and not just because it is one of the biggest and best music streaming services in regards to sharing and social media (see Spotify Wrapped, which reportedly arrived long before any other streaming platform thought of it, way back in 2018). And no, the firm in question acquired the podcast creation app Anchor back in 2019 in order to give the next big voice in podcasting a platform which is something that even a fledgling creator could easily work with as it even includes an audio enhancement one-tap service and tool.

And it has really proved a very fruitful acquisition initially. Spotify as you should know recruited a plethora of creators all the way to its Spotify for Podcasters offering and then as of July 2022, 44% of all podcasts have been reportedly hosted by Anchor. The thing here is, not all podcasters really make your typical 50-minute-of-talking show. And this is where white noise creators get to come in.

How Much White Noise Podcasters Make On Spotify

As covered by Ashley Carman of Bloomberg in the previous year, these very podcasters can make $18,000 per month with nothing but just white noise which is similar to static coming from an untuned radio or television, seagulls in the distance, rhythmic waves that are crashing on repeat – which users might reportedly stream for hours on end as a popular and recognized sleep-aid. And how do these content creators get their money? Well, it is simple – through the advertisements that Spotify sprinkles here and there in the programming.

And in addition to this well-known algorithmic wizardry of Spotify (see also Discovery Mode and more recently, AI DJ) which may just actually be inadvertently pushing new account holders and users to such shows simply by prioritizing “talk” content over “music”, and it all seems that Spotify now has a big problem with white-noise.



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