Spotify Could Be Readying A Hi-Res Platinum Plan

Spotify could be readying a hi-res platinum plan with plenty of goodies included.

Spotify Could Be Readying A Hi-Res Platinum Plan

Spotify Could Be Readying A Hi-Res Platinum Plan

Back in February 2021, Spotify HiFi made an announcement and although very little about it in the meantime has been heard of, it now seems as though the launch of a higher quality plan known as platinum is now imminent.

A subscriber who had canceled Spotify recently got in touch with 9to5Mac to state that he got an email encouraging him to resubscribe to a Spotify premium plan for $19.99 monthly which is two times the standard price. The said platinum plan included a mention of Spotify HiFi.

Other Features Mentioned In the Resubscribing Email

The email as well as the high-resolution audio also made mention of features such as Studio Sound Headphone Tuner, Library Pro, Audio Insights, limited-ads Spotify podcasts, and playlist pro, although in the meantime no information has been shared on what they will all involve.

The email sent to the subscriber also said that the subscription plans would be made available in 30 days times thus suggesting that we will be seeing Spotify HiFi rolling out in a month’s time and potential with this new platinum label in question attached to it.

Apple Music Includes Lossless Audio and the Spatial Audio Feature in Its Standard Plan

Already, Apple Music includes Lossless audio and the Spatial Audio Feature all as part of a standard $9.99, approximately £9.99, and AU$11.99 subscription plan. And with that in mind, it is very much possible that the powers that be at Spotify (Spotify executives) feel the urge to offer more in a bid to justify the hike in price.

And if the information shared in the resubscribe mail is anything to believe, then we will not have to be waiting long to know for sure, and as soon as any official announcement is made by Spotify, we will get to know.


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