How to Transfer Apps From an iPhone to iPad

In this article, I would be properly detailing the steps involved in how to transfer apps from your iPhone to the iPad on devices that are running on the iPadOS 13 or iOS 8 and later.

How to Transfer Apps From an iPhone to iPad

What is the best way to transfer apps from your iPhone to your iPad? First, you might want to work on your favorite app using a bigger screen on your iPad. Well, there are several transfer methods that you can try out without being faced with any issues.

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How to Copy iPhone Apps When Setting up your iPad

If you are purchasing your very first iPad, one of the best methods to transfer apps to it is during the setup process. In other to bring over apps from your iPhone, first create a backup before deciding to set up the tablet. Next, in the setup of your iPad, choose to restore from the backup that you have made on your iPhone.

The restore function during the setup process does not actually copy the apps from the backup file. Instead, it would download them again from the app store. This process would keep you from having to download the app manually.

How to Copy Apps From iPhone to iPad Without Restoring

If you are not yet setting up your new iPad, you would d be required to download the app straight from the app and store it manually.

it is entirely free for you to download an app to more than one device, se long as those devices are all registered to one particular Apple ID. If the app is a universal one, it would run very well on the iPad.

If there is an app that has an iPhone version and a particular iPad version, you can still choose to download the iPhone version to your iPad. So, follow the steps stated below:

  1. First, launch the App Store on your iPad or on your iPhone by just tapping on it
  2. Right on the “Today” tab, tap on your “Picture”
  3. Then tap on “purchased”
  4. If you would be making use of the family sharing, tap a name right on the next screen to pull up the apps that Apple ID has purchased.
  5. Tap “Not on this iPad” to set a restriction to only apps that you are yet to install on your device
  6. Then scroll down or make use of the “Search bar” to locate the app you want to install
  7. Finally, tap on the “Download” icon in other to install an app from the list.

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Types of Apps Available on the Apple App Store

When it comes to compatibility, there are three major types of apps available in the App Store. These apps include:

  • Universal: These apps both work on the iPhone and the iPad. When running on an iPad, universal apps tend to conform to much bigger screens. Most times, this simply means a different interface than on the iPhone.
  • iPhone-Only: A Few apps are designed specifically for the iPhone, especially older ones. These can still run on the iPad. However, they should be able to run the iPhone compatibility mode, which enlarges the iPhone app somewhat.
  • Phone-Specific: Some apps make use of some unique features of the iPhone, such as the ability to place phone calls. These are unavailable to the iPad even in the compatibility mode.

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How do I Transfer Apps from an Android to an iPhone?

When transferring straight from an Android device to an iPhone, you would not be able to transfer apps that you downloaded from your Google Play Store. However, tons of Android apps have iOS versions, so you can choose to download it from the App store instead.

Why Didn’t My Apps Transfer to my new iPhone?

If apps fail to transfer to your new iPhone, it might be because of an issue in your cloud storage, or the transfer process might still be ongoing. The Solutions include you checking the transfer’s progress, entering passwords when required during the process, checking your Wi-Fi and network, and checking your iCloud Storage.

Can I use iTunes to Moves Apps from iPhone to iPad?

If music apps can be transferred music from iPhone to iPad using the cloud, then you can do the same by making use of iTunes. Instead of deciding to back up the data on your iCloud, you would be required to back up the data on iTunes. And with a few steps, you would be done with the transfer process.

Can Apps be Backed up to iCloud?

Yes. You can choose to back up apps on your phone to your iCloud in case you want to transfer your file to a different apple device, or you want to wipe your Apple device.

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