Sony Just Released a Tiny Full-Frame Camera for Drones

Sony just released a tiny full-frame camera for drones and it will reportedly cost buyers really big. The question however is that is this new full-frame camera really worth it. Continue reading to find out.

Sony Tiny Full-Frame Camera

Sony Tiny Full-Frame Camera

Tech Company Sony is reportedly taking photography to the sky as the tech giant just revealed a new small camera that has been designed specifically to be placed directly into drones, and it is the ILX-LRI.

While the name of the device in question may not be super catchy, it however does exemplify the idea of big things that come in small packages. The camera as you should know measures approximately 100 x 74 x 42.5 mm (which is about 4 x 3 x 1.7 inches) and on the other hand, weighs 8.6 oz. And despite its small stature, the ILX-LR1 in question is quite very powerful as it is reportedly capable of shooting videos up to 60FPS. Sony explains that its device can shoot content up to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) all thanks to its 1.38-inch Exmor R CMOS image sensor.

This hardware for those that don’t know gives the ILX-LR1 “extraordinary sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic range” so it can effectively capture the “finest details”. Additionally, it features a BIONZ XR processor to help deliver low-noise photographs with, Sony promises, “realistic colors”.

Sony furthermore goes on to say that the camera has a wide ISO range from 100 to 32,000, enabling the ILX-LR1 to “operate in most daylight conditions.”

The ILX-LRI’s Design

To make the lightweight design come to fruition, Sony reportedly stripped away a lot of the basic features that you would expect to see on a camera. There is however no viewfinder of any kind, no rear LCD screen, or even a handgrip and it doesn’t even have a battery. The firm explains “The lower weight means longer flight times”. Plus, the compact body enables it to fit “into smaller drones”. And in order to power the device, users will need to connect it to the power supply of a drone directly.

Specs and Features

This very same connection can be utilized in controlling key aspects of the camera. On the same day that Sony reportedly revealed the ILX-LR1, the company also announced new changes to its Camera Remote SDK (Software Development Kit), thus introducing “enhanced function for drone applications.” These in question include “expanded menu settings” to more easily and effectively control the device at a distance and notifications for certain events such as when a recording starts or gets to stop.

The patch for those that don’t know is split into two. Version 1.10 will be released on September 13 with the first set of features. Version 1.11 on the other hand is set for November 2023, bringing forth its own set of upgrades to video shooting applications.

Other notable features of the ILX-LR1 is inclusive of support for a wide variety of E-mount lenses. If it is that you are not familiar with the tech, know that it brings the lens close to the sensor of a camera so that the hardware can be “smaller and lighter without compromising quality.

Availability of the Device

It is still unknown as to when the ILX-LR1 gets to launch although some online reports claim that it will release this December for a whopping sum of $2,950 in the US only. We should also mention that Sony is marketing their latest gadget to a professional audience. To purchase one, it looks like you will have to directly contact Sony.

It may just be worth the trouble, though. With the right drone, the ILX-LD1 could, if it is that the promises of Sony are true provide nearly unmatched drone photography.



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