Selected Twitter Users Can Now Post More Words on the Platform

Selected Twitter users can now post more words on the platform which is up to 4,000 characters per tweet now. In the United States, Twitter Blue subscribers are not limited to 280 characters anymore.

Selected Twitter Users Can Now Post More Words on the Platform

Selected Twitter Users Can Now Post More Words on the Platform

Social media platform Twitter is popularly known for its short messages is now embracing longer tweets. The company on Wednesday said that users in the US who pay for its Twitter Blue monthly subscription service will now be able to post tweets that are up to 4,000 characters.

Currently, Twitter has a limit of 280 characters. And from the founding of the platform back in 2006 until 2017, the cap was 140 characters. “While we love a good thread, sometimes you just want to Tweet everything all at once. we get that,” the official @TwitterBlue account stated as part of a very lengthy tweet. The Twitter account however summed it up really nicely by repeating “more word” more than 70 times.

The New Feature However Has Sparked Criticism from Users

The new feature however has sparked some criticism from some users who thinks it’s poorly designed.

“Current implementation of long tweets is terrible. Looks like hot garbage to read. Some improved formatting could go a long way,” @WholeMarsBlog tweeted in regard to the development.

“Yeah, the format is terrible. Update early next week,” Elon Musk replied on Friday.

Users on the social media platform will still be able to see tweets that are capped at 280 characters on their timelines but can however to “Show More” in order to read the longer tweet. Users also will be able to reply, quote tweets as well as retweet a 4,000-character tweet.

The Reason for the New Development

The change in question is meant to make people subscribe to Twitter Blue after some advertisers halted their spending on the platform following the takeover of h company by Elon Musk back in October. Twitter now charges $11 monthly for its subscription service on apple devices and $8 monthly on the other hand on the web.

The Information this week reported that the social media platform has roughly 180,000 subscribers in the United States which is a sign that the firm faces an uphill battle as it continues in its task to make more money from subscription fees.

Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey in 2017 said that the initial tweet limit of 140 characters on Twitter was arbitrary and based on the limit for short messaging service texts. Users of the social media platform have for a long time now found ways to work their way around the character limits such as posting screenshots and threading messages.

Other Notable Features of Twitter Blue

Other features of Twitter Blue include the ability to edit tweets and also get a verified blue checkmark. The company halted the rollout of an updated subscription service back in November after fake accounts that subscribed to Twitter Blue impersonated major brands and personnel.


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