Valentine’s Day in the United States: How Valentine Came into Existence

Valentine’s Day in the United States is all about how Americans actually celebrate their valentine. Americans have started the celebration of valentine since the 19th century. Presently the holiday has become so popular since the 20th century, especially in schools in the United States.

In the USA Valentine’s Day is a big event at schools. Kids get to exchange gifts and cards in elementary schools. Each of the kids will get to make special boxes, and every pupil in the class will be expected to put a small valentine’s card in the box of every student in the class.

Students are also given the opportunities to offer presents to their teachers. It could be chocolate or maybe flowers, or a small gift. There probably may also be Valentine’s Day party with well-shaped cookies, cupcakes, and conversation hearts.

Valentine’s Day in the United States

Valentine’s Day in the United States

Valentine’s Day in the United States is not only about the kids at school as adults are also well involved too. They exchange gifts and cards with friends and family.  In the cards might be short but sweet and heartwarming messages.

Of course in the US you also get to celebrate with your significant other. It could be your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or your fiancé if you are engaged. The most important thing is to have fun and create good memories with your loved ones, whoever it may be.

How much money you spend doesn’t really count, it’s actually how you show care for others. And, how you were able to convey your message of love to your friends, classmates, colleagues, significant other, and so on.

How Valentine Came into Existence

The history of Valentine is not well known by many but this article will help to elaborate on it. Valentine is not just about celebrating love but it should be a time of giving and making peace with all the people you have wronged or has wronged you. So don’t just stop here read down to know more about the history of Valentine.

When talking about the history of Valentine, you should also know that Valentine occurs annually every 14 of February. It is been celebrated by people through exchanging of gifts and love to prove their love to their partner or loved one. Get more details here.

Some Heartwarming Messages This Valentine

You could also make the valentine cozier by adding a brief message to the gift you are giving out. Below are some romantic messages you could send;

  • One million kisses is not enough, I wish to kiss you for eternity.
  • I’d stay with you this valentine and always.
  • Every day I fall more in love with you.
  • Even after been trapped with you and our children month after month I still love the same.
  • Baby, it’s me and you together forever.
  • Baby hugs and kisses from me to you.
  • You are simply the best.
  • I love all of you.
  • So grateful I’m spending this valentine’s with you.
  • Happy valentine’s day baby.
  • I’m wishing us both a happy valentine and more valentine to come.
  • Be my Valentine.
  • Baby, it has always been you now and forever.
  • You help make my heart flutter.
  • Baby, I love you with all my but it’s bigger than my heart.

You could get more messages here.

To know more about the origin of Valentine and how it all started click here.

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