Search Results Reportedly Manipulated By Netflix amid Ongoing Controversy

Search results reportedly manipulated by Netflix amid the ongoing controversy over its cuties movie. The streaming giants, Netflix recently drew attention over the marketing of cuties one of its movies, and the platform after that downplayed the movie on its platform.

Search Results Reportedly Manipulated By Netflix amid Ongoing Controversy

Search Results Reportedly Manipulated By Netflix amid Ongoing Controversy

A report on Wednesday was reported by the verge citing internal documents from Netflix. The company had used its algorithm to hide a French movie on its platform from search results back in 2020. The streaming company Netflix suppressed the movie cuties on its platform amid backlash over the marketing strategies for the movie.

The cuties movie is a French movie and was intended to criticize the sexualization of young girls from all corners of life. The company’s marketing however showed young girls scantily clad and this didn’t sit well with critics. The marketing of the movie drew criticism and most critics felt that the movie itself exploited the very type of sexualization it was supposed to be criticizing.

How Netflix Suppressed French Movie Cuties on Its Platform

The company Netflix reportedly kept the cuties title off from its coming soon and popular searches categories. The company also excluded the title from searches for “cute” and made sure that searches on the platform for cuties would not bring up any kid’s movies or titles that are sexual in nature.

In a statement, a Netflix spokesperson said “our recommendations help members find great titles to watch amidst all the choices on Netflix. Not every title gets promoted in the same way, just as every member’s homepage is different.”

Netflix’s Other Criticisms

The report however is coming in a time where the company is facing other issues of its own. Currently, the company is dealing with comedian Dave Chappell’s latest special, the closer as it is facing fallout from both employees and activists. The closer features Dave Chappelle making jokes and statements about Trans people which of course didn’t go well with the trans community.

The closer which is a comedy special from Dave Chappelle originally was defended by the company but the defense of the comedy special led to a planned walkout by employees. Some employees were even fired as a result of a planned walkout. Co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos said eventually that he “screwed up” in trying to defend the special.


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