Top 10 Science Scholarships in UK without IELTS (Fully Funded)

The Top 10 Science Scholarships in the United Kingdom (UK), is a golden opportunity for science enthusiasts aspiring to study in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is one of the most sorts after study destinations for most international students around the world looking to pursue higher education in the UK. Not only does the UK boast some of the world’s leading universities, but it also offers numerous scholarships to support students in their academic journey.

Science Scholarships in UK without IELTS

This post seeks to explore the top 10 science scholarships in the UK that do not require the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and are fully funded, if this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, then take your time to read through this post.

Why Study Sciences in the United Kingdom?

Pursuing a study in sciences in the United Kingdom offers a wealth of opportunities for students. The UK is globally recognized for its excellence in scientific research and innovation. Upon Successful scholarship application, you can benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, renowned faculty members, and a vibrant academic community. The UK’s scientific institutions have a strong track record of producing groundbreaking research, making it an ideal destination for aspiring scientists.

Can I study in the UK without IELTS?

Many universities and scholarship programs offer alternative English language proficiency tests, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the Pearson Test of English (PTE). Additionally, some scholarships waive the English language requirement altogether, focusing more on the academic achievements and potential of the applicants.

Top Science Scholarships in the United Kingdom (UK)

Government-Sponsored Science Scholarships in the UK:

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are funded by the Scottish Government. These scholarships are available to international students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in science-related fields at any of the Scottish universities. Successful Candidates will receive a tuition fee waiver and a generous living allowance.

British Government Chevening Scholarships

The British Government’s Chevening Scholarships are prestigious awards offered to outstanding students from around the world. These scholarships cover a wide range of subjects, including science, and provide full financial support for a one-year master’s degree at any UK university.

British Council Scholarships – Women in STEM

The British Council offers scholarships exclusively for women who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These scholarships aim to promote gender equality in STEM fields and provide financial support for master’s degree programs in the UK.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships for Low-Income Countries

The Commonwealth Masters Scholarships are awarded to students from low-income Commonwealth countries who demonstrate exceptional academic merit. Commonwealth Master’s scholarships cover the student’s full tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs for master’s degree programs in various science disciplines.

Science Scholarships Sponsored by Top Organizations:

The Royal Society Grants

The Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific academy, offers a range of grants and scholarships to support scientific research and education. These grants are available for both early-career scientists and established researchers.

DeepMind Scholarships for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

DeepMind, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) research lab, provides scholarships for students pursuing AI and machine learning studies. These scholarships aim to support talented individuals who are passionate about advancing the field of AI.

University-Specific Science Scholarships in the UK:

The University of Manchester Dean’s Doctoral Scholarship Awards

The University of Manchester offers Dean’s Doctoral Scholarship Awards for exceptional Ph.D. candidates in various science disciplines. The Dean’s Doctoral scholarships cover full tuition fees plus stipends to support living expenses during the research period.

University of St Andrews International Doctoral Scholarships

The University of St Andrews provides International Doctoral Scholarships to outstanding international students pursuing doctoral studies in science-related fields. The St Andrews International scholarship covers the tuition fees and offers a maintenance allowance to support living expenses.

Newcastle Singapore Studentship for UK/EU and International Students

Newcastle University offers the Singapore Studentship for UK/EU and international students. This scholarship is available for students applying to specific science programs and provides a full tuition fee waiver along with a stipend for living costs.

University of Nottingham Computer Science Scholarships

The University of Nottingham offers Computer Science Scholarships for international students interested in pursuing computer science-related programs. The Nottingham scholarship covers the student’s tuition fees and provides additional support for living expenses.


To be eligible for science scholarships in the UK, applicants are typically required to meet certain criteria, which may include:

Academic Excellence: Demonstrating outstanding academic achievements and a strong passion for the chosen field of study.

  • English Language Proficiency: Meeting the English language requirements set by the university or scholarship program. While some scholarships waive the need for IELTS, alternative language tests may be required.
  • Relevant Background: Possesses a relevant educational background and qualifications in the field of science.
  • Research Proposal: Submit a well-defined research proposal for research-based scholarships, highlighting the significance of the proposed research.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Provide strong letters of recommendation from academic mentors or professionals in the field.
  • Personal Statement: Write a compelling personal statement that showcases the applicant’s motivations, aspirations, and potential contributions to the field of study.
  • Interview: Some scholarships may require applicants to participate in an interview or selection process to assess their suitability for the program.

It is important to thoroughly research the specific requirements and criteria for each scholarship program as they may vary.

Applying for A Science Scholarship In The U.K:

To increase your chances of obtaining a science scholarship in the UK, consider the following tips:

  • Research Scholarship Opportunities: Maintain a Strong Academic Record:
  • Seek Research Opportunities:
  • Build Relationships with Professors and Mentors:
  • Customize your application materials to highlight your passion for science

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