Samsung Gaming Hub Has been Released

Samsung Gaming Hub Has been Released to all new Samsung smart TV. If you are a fan of Samsun and its products, then you must have heard about Samsung’s New Cloud gaming platform. The platform was given the name Samsung Gaming Hub and has been recognized as that for a while now.

Samsung Gaming Hub Has been Released

Samsung Gaming Hub Has been Released

Rumors concerning the platform first came in October 2021, following which Samsung made it official at CES 2022. At the tech expo, Samsung confirmed that they would start rolling out the Samsun gamin Hub to its 2022 Smart Tv lineup in the coming months. And about 7 months later, it seems Samsung is finally ready to deliver as promised.

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At the End of June, Samsung announced the arrival of the Samsung Gamin Hub on all of its manufactured smart TV models. Also, the company announced its partnership with several stakeholders in the gaming space – which includes Microsoft, NVidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Utomik, and Amazon Luna. While the rest of the services were made available on other smart TVs, as of today, the Xbox Game Pass would only be made available on Samsung Smart TVs.

According to Samsung, the arrival of the gaming Hub is expected to enable other gamin enthusiasts to access some of the best gaming titles and gaming-related content at a centralized, easy-to-access location. Aside from its 2022 lineup of Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, and the rest of its QLED TVs, the Samsung Gamin Hub is expected to be available for the company’s 2022-related smart monitor series.

What is the Samsung Gaming Hub?

In its simplest form, the Samsung gaming Hub is an app that is within Samsung’s smart TV software. The basic function of this app is to enable Samsun smart TV users to play high-quality games on large screens. Unlike in the past when we would have to connect our game console to a Tv or Monitor in other to play a console or a PC to the displays, the Samsung Gamin Hub allows the users experience an entirely new way of gaming.

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Using the Samsung gaming Hub takes out the fact that there is no gaming console or PC in the picture. Instead, all the gameplay would be done in the cloud, and the end-users would only be required to sign up to a gaming service of their choice for a fee.

Using Samsung Gaming Hub 

The basic requirement to get the best experience is for you to have a fast and reliable internet connection. Some of the earlier mentioned names have launched individual services to allow cloud gaming. Because this gets confusing and overwhelming some things, the Samsung Gaming Hub essentially acts as a hub that enables users to access multiple gaming services from one app.

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Aside from games, The Samsung Gaming Hub also integrates other gaming-oriented services which include curated recommendations and information concerning new and upcoming gaming titles. To add, the hub also offers support for integration with other streaming services like Twitch, YouTube, and Spotify.

How to Launch the Gaming Hub

You can access the service using a Standard Samsung smart TV remote, but you would need a Bluetooth-enabled controller in other to play. According to Samsung, this service “supports all the most popular gaming controllers.” TVs with Samsung Gaming Hub preinstalled went on sale on the 30 of June 2022.

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