Nintendo Direct Mini – How to watch the Nintendo Direct Mini

The next Nintendo Direct Mini Livestream has been announced to take place on the 28 of June, as the house of Mario returns with another teaser showcase.

Nintendo Direct Mini

Nintendo Direct Mini

As a Nintendo Direct Mini, the broadcast is expected to be a lot shorter than what we used to, only running for 25 minutes. And unlike the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct that was earlier broadcast this month, we can all expect news on multiple Nintendo Switch games, according to a tweet from the official Nintendo Account.

In this showcase, no Nintendo game would be taking the spotlight as it is mainly dedicated to upcoming third-party games.

We are already aware of the rumbling that a Nintendo Direct would appear sometime this month. The Nintendo has not put on a full summer Game fest show this year, so this is its chance to strut stuff in front of the competition.

How to watch the Nintendo Direct Mini

Watch in other to catch the Nintendo Showcase live? Read on for a show to watch tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct Mini.

The Nintendo Direct mini showcase is expected to take place on June 28 at 6 am PST / 9 am EST / 2 pm BST / 11 pm AEST. You should be able to catch it directly on the Nintendo YouTube Channel.

What do Expect from the Nintendo Direct Mini?

Let up nip something in the bud right away: do not expect the breath of the wild 2. This showcase is a third-party showcase, so there is definitely no chance that the link would be making an appearance. Equally, it is almost certain that the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 would not appear, since it was treated to its own dedicated show so recently.

There are tons of other games that would be taking the spotlight. With the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak set to release on the 30th of June, there seems to be a real possibility of a new trailer that would drop for the beastie-bashing RPG. Similarly, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope might actually get a look in, seeing as the turn-based tactics crossover is long overdue to drop later this year.

At the showcase, we stand a chance to get a fresh to peek at Bayonetta 3. The game’s first and only gameplay trailer was released way back last September, and it would be released in 2022, and we would expect more of the game will be shown soon.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Metroid Prime 4 would be popping up in the event. Development of the much-anticipated and much-delayed sequel was taken from Bandai Namco in 2019 and offered to the Nintendo Subsidiary Retro Studios. We would be required to wait a bit longer before even hearing more details concerning Samus’s next outing.


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