Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition – Price, Release Date and Leaks

As stated by the rumors, the Apple Watch 8 is getting a Rugged Edition or Extreme Edition, designed for extreme sports or intensive outdoor use.

Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition

This particular type of smartwatch would be like those that were designed for Garmin, Amazfit, or Casio, with a hardy design, long-lasting battery, and a focus on features that would turn out to be useful for extreme sports.

Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition

Think long-distance hiking, climbing, trail running, or similar kinds of activities, with the extra helpful functions like GPS tracking and altitude and weather monitoring making the watch a very great and handful tool.

We have heard enough rumors concerning this new Apple Watch 8 for endurance sports that are coming, but since Apple has not made one before, we do not totally know what it would like. But to give us a glimpse at what this guide has created, it would run you through what we have heard so far as well as what we would be seeing.

Apple Watch 8 Rugged Release Date and Price

At the moment, current rumors point to this upcoming Apple Watch variant that is launching alongside the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE toward the end of 2022. We are expected to see it launch alongside the iPhone 14 in September, or perhaps at a separate launch event slightly earlier or later alongside those models mentioned.

The Apple Watch 7 would set back $399 / £369 / AU$599 for its most affordable option, and it goes even higher if you want a much bigger case or more premium material. So, expect a much higher price for the ruggedized device.

Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition Leaks and Rumors

Most of the rugged edition leaks that we have heard just mention the existence of the watch, and not what it would actually do. But there have been some rumors that Apple Watch 8 might actually be about the rugged edition.

One of these happens to be a new tech that can tell if your smartwatch has received water damage, and alert you if it would be an issue – great for water sports.

Also, it is possible that the watch would get a body measurement tracking tool that was originally meant for you to show up in the watch 7.

And it likely would come with the WatchOS 9 as that’s Apple’s newest Smartwatch Operating system – some of its features are expected to include some new running posture tracking and improved sleep tracking.


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