The Samsung Galaxy S23 Telephoto Camera May Disappoint Shutterbugs

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Telephoto Camera May Disappoint Shutterbugs so don’t be surprised. At the moment, we are only two months away from Samsung’s next big unpacked event, but the rumor mill is primarily focused on the next year’s flagship instead. Given what we have heard so far concerning the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, it seems like there might not be that much of a reason to be excited for the next foldable handsets anyway.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Telephoto Camera May Disappoint Shutterbugs

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Telephoto Camera May Disappoint Shutterbugs

Unless the prices drop considerably and reliability increases significantly, tons of consumers still get to see these devices as niches and luxury items. Currently, more users are looking to see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 in the year 2023, but it seems like they might be disappointed especially those thinking that the photography by Samsung would get a lot better.

To be fair, the Samsung Mobile cameras are not so bad. Even the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Which was heavily criticized for making use of their hardware from previous years, performed decently in real-world users. The issue here, at least in terms of public perception, is that Samsung seems to be holding back for no apparent reason. The company has a lot of imaging sensors available that boasts about, but not all of their land in Samsung’s own high-end smartphones.

The Galaxy S23 may not break free from tradition, at least based on the details gathered by GalaxyClub. According to Dutch website sources, the 202 flagships would not get a telephoto camera upgrade. That alone might be disheartening, but this might just be one part of the Galaxy S23’s camera story, which some avid mobile photographers might find unfortunate considering the competition on the market.

Galaxy S23 Camera details Leak

The telephoto camera that is found on the Galaxy S23 would reportedly have the same 10MP sensor as the Galaxy S22 this year, as well as the same 3x optical zoom capability. You should note that Samsung only recently upgraded to this camera in 2022, but that is itself is a strike against it. While it seems like other companies have already embraced 5x or higher levels of optical zoom, Samsung seems to be lagging behind in this area.

That is not the only thing that may be staying the same, though. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to get one of Samsung’s 200MP sensors for its main camera, but the cheaper Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ models might stick with the same 50MP sensor from the Galaxy 22. Again, Samsun might actually not be too quick to jump ship after introducing that camera this year, but it is not like it has not launched better sensors since then. Of course, it seems possible that the company might have made this decision in order to encourage consumers to purchase the high-end Galaxy S23 Ultra when it finally launches.

Galaxy S23 Ultra-wide Camera

A much bigger issue here is that the Galaxy S23 ultra-wide camera, which is alleged to still make use of the same 12MP sensor that we have seen since the Galaxy S20 5G model. Not only has it received any upgrades at least according to the sources but it has also reportedly been left by the wayside when it comes to the competition.

Some of its rival photography-centric smartphones have embraced the strategy of making use of essentially the same sensors for the wide and ultra-wide cameras, reducing the gap in the quality between the both of them.


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