Safaricom Internship Program 2023 – APPLY NOW!

Safaricom, a leading telecommunications company in Kenya, is excited to announce its Persona with Disability internship opportunity for the year 2023. The internship program is designed to provide a platform for talented graduates with disabilities to develop and grow within Safaricom. By offering this internship opportunity, Safaricom aims to promote inclusivity, create a diverse workforce, and nurture digital and leadership talent.


Safaricom Internship Program 2023

Safaricom believes in equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their disabilities. The Persona with Disability internship program reflects the company’s commitment to providing a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Through this program, Safaricom offers internships in various divisions, including Commercial, Business Development, Enterprise Business, Financial Services, Internal Audit, Finance, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, and Technology.

Qualifications Safaricom Internship

The Safaricom Internship Program is open to applicants who meets the following conditions:

  • Applicants must be degree holders or currently be in their final or second last year of the degree program
  • Applicants who graduated within the last 1 year in an accredited institution of higher learning are eligible to apply
  • Candidates must be seen to demonstrate creativity, adaptability and learning enthusiasm
  • Must have passion for technology, customers, and commercial savviness
  • Demonstrate good academic performance

Benefits of the Safaricom Internship Program

Interns participating in the Safaricom Persona with Disability program can expect to receive a range of benefits that contribute to their personal and professional development. These benefits include:

  • Cross-functional rotations: Interns have the opportunity to rotate between different divisions, allowing them to gain exposure to various areas of the company and broaden their skill set.
  • Extended leadership contact: Interns will interact with leaders and professionals across the organization, benefiting from their guidance and mentorship.
  • Formal training: Safaricom provides structured training programs that equip interns with relevant knowledge and skills to excel in their roles.
  • Leadership development: The internship program emphasizes leadership development, empowering interns to enhance their leadership capabilities and potential.
  • Interns will benefit from world-class exposure to Technology and Financial Services
  • They will also receive focused mentorship
  • Interns will have a fast-tracked career progression
  • Get to learn hybrid and agile ways of working
  • There will be an attractive Remuneration

How to Apply for the Safaricom Internship Program?

  • Candidates who possess the required qualifications and experience mentioned above can apply
  • This can be done on the official recruitment portal below
  • Visit the recruitment portal on: Click on the apply button
  • Don’t forget to include your resume

Selection Process for the Safaricom Internship Program

The selection process involves;

  • A technical assessment in which all successfully shortlisted applicants will go through
  • Including a psychometric assessment, and a virtual assessment center.
  • Applicants will also be taken through a competitive recruitment process for the skillset selected against other applicants

Internship Summary

  • Internship Location: Kenya
  • Job: Intern (Full time) Day job
  • Host Organization: Safaricom Limited
  • Schedule: Regular

Importance of Internship Programs for Persons with Disability

Internship programs specifically tailored for persons with disability play a crucial role in creating an inclusive society and workforce. These programs offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Breaking barriers and stereotypes: Internship programs challenge misconceptions and break down barriers that hinder persons with disability from entering the workforce. By providing equal opportunities, Safaricom aims to foster a more inclusive and accepting society.
  • Enhancing skills and knowledge: Interns gain practical experience and develop job-specific skills during their internship. This hands-on learning opportunity prepares them for future employment and enhances their overall professional development.
  • Increasing employability: Internship programs equip persons with disability with valuable work experience, making them more competitive in the job market. By participating in the Safaricom internship program, individuals can enhance their chances of securing permanent employment.


The Safaricom Persona with Disability internship program offers a unique opportunity for talented graduates with disabilities to develop their skills and contribute to Safaricom’s success. By promoting inclusivity and providing a supportive environment, Safaricom is paving the way for a more diverse and equitable workforce.

If you are a person with a disability and are passionate about making a difference in the telecommunications industry, we encourage you to seize this opportunity. The Safaricom Persona with Disability internship program will provide you with valuable experiences, training, and mentorship to help you launch a successful career.

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