Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship 2023 In UK – APPLY NOW!

Scholarships play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of individuals by providing them with opportunities they might not have had otherwise. The Oxford Executive Diploma scholarship program is a prime example of a unique and transformative scholarship program in the United Kingdom.

Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship
Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship

It aims to bridge the gender gap in career development and entrepreneurship by empowering extraordinary and brilliant minds, especially women, to excel in their chosen fields. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Oxford Executive Diploma scholarship program, its eligibility criteria, application process, benefits, success stories, and its overall impact on gender equality and empowerment.

Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship

The Executive Diploma Scholarship at Oxford aims to encourage an increase in women who are considering senior leadership positions. This year, up to two scholarships are available for exceptional female candidates in each diploma cohort.

In addition to this award, successful candidates will receive financial contributions which will cover up to 50% of the diploma programme fees. The Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship is summarized below:

  • Scholarship Value: 50% of programme fees.
  • Number available slots: 2 per cohort.
  • Eligibility criteria: Open to female applicants.
  • Application Deadline: Monday 25 September 2023.

Selection Criteria

  • The student’s academic achievement (assessed through CV, transcripts, and the scholarship statement), will be considered
  • The Professional achievement; in particular, evidence of leadership or leadership potential (assessed through CV and the scholarship statement).
  • Assessed through the scholarship statement is the candidate’s desire to act as a role model or inspire to be one.
  • Demonstrated readiness and enthusiasm to become a committed ambassador for the School,
  • The Candidate, representing the University of Oxford’s values, whilst currently enrolled for the programme and even beyond (assessed through scholarship statement).

Application Process for Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship 2023 In UK

To apply for the Executive Diploma Scholarship, interested and qualified candidates must;


In conclusion, the Oxford Executive Diploma scholarship program is a transformative opportunity for extraordinary and brilliant minds, especially women, to excel in their careers and entrepreneurship endeavors. By providing financial support, access to world-class resources, and a network of mentors, this scholarship program paves the way for gender equality and empowerment.

The impact of the program is evident in the success stories of past recipients and the increased representation of women in leadership positions. The future prospects and expansion of the program hold even more promise, ensuring that more deserving individuals can benefit from this life-changing opportunity.

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