Rumors Claim That There Will Be No RTX Titan

Rumors claim that there will be no RTX Titan. The RTX 4090 Ti by Nvidia might be inbound, but users however should forget about the RTX Titan, rumor claims.

Rumors Claim That There Will Be No RTX Titan

Rumors Claim That There Will Be No RTX Titan

Nvidia will at the moment according to many reports not be producing a top-end Lovelace graphics card RTX Titan model which is a GPC that has been rumored in previous times.

This very rumor is coming from a regular twitter-based hardware leaker, Kopite7kimi, who has let users know in a very short tweet that the Titan by Nvidia is no longer in motion as seen by VideoCardz. And just as always, that is, if there ever was, of course, regard this very speculation with a pinch of salt.

What This New Development Mean

What this means however is simple. This means that we will not be seeing a further high-end GPU than the RTX 4090 in the future which is built around a fully unshackled AD102 chip. The theory here is that it will not be arriving in the form of a new RTX Titan, but it could be an RTX 4090 Ti. Leaker Kopite7kimi also clarified in a further tweet that “4090 Ti is still possible in the future.”

The RTX 4090 Is Likely To Make an Appearance In The Not-Too-Distant Future

Just as mentioned already the RTX 4090 is very much likely to make an appearance in the not-too-distant future. And of course, we will be very surprised to see that Nvidia eventually did not push out something better and stronger than the RTX 4090 given the fact that it makes use of a cut-down AD102 chip and also that wiggle room surely has been left out for a good reason.

There is essentially more room to go for more powerful flagship graphics cards. With that being said, it seems much like a strong possibility that is an option that Nvidia will surely exercise.


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