Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is inviting suitably qualified Candidates to apply for the Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships 2023. This program is a prestigious opportunity that provides financial support for research projects focusing on Commonwealth-related themes.

Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships

These studentships are available to both UK students and students registered at universities in other Commonwealth countries. With a maximum value of £5,500 GBP each, these studentships offer valuable resources for scholars pursuing their Ph.D. studies.

Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships 2023 

The Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships are designed to encourage research and academic exploration in the field of Commonwealth studies.

With the aim of supporting scholars in their pursuit of knowledge, these studentships offer financial assistance to cover the costs associated with PhD research projects. By providing this support, the program aims to foster excellence in research and contribute to the understanding of Commonwealth-related themes.

Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is a prestigious international network of universities spanning the Commonwealth countries. Founded in 1913, the ACU serves as a vital platform for promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building among its member institutions.

Financial Benefits of Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships

Successfully Selected Applicants will receive a £4,000 GB on the announcement of the awards. Upon completing the post Studentship requirements, the remaining £1,500 GBP will be paid.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The studentships are available to two distinct groups: students registered at UK universities and students registered at universities in other Commonwealth countries.
  • The initial studentship is applicable only to registered Ph.D. students from UK universities, while the later or second Studentship is for registered Ph.D. students from ACU member universities in Commonwealth counties other than the UK
  • The second Studentship is also open to Chevening and Commonwealth Scholarship alumni (Ph.D. students at any Commonwealth university outside the UK)
  • Post-studentship requirements: After 12 months of receiving the awards, the successful applicants will have to present an article of 4,000 to 6,000 words on their research
  • The article is submitted for consideration for publication in the Round Table journal.
  • Additionally, awards recipients will need to make a podcast on their research, for publication on the journal’s website.

How to Apply for Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships 2023

The application process is quite straightforward:


  • Application Deadline: July 28 2023 17.00 BST
  • Announcement of winners: In September 2023
  • Awards Take-up: November 01, 2023 – July 2024

In conclusion, the Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentships offer invaluable support for Ph.D. students conducting research on Commonwealth-related themes. With the aim of promoting excellence in interdisciplinary research within the humanities and social sciences, these studentships provide financial assistance and open doors to exciting opportunities.

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