Rocket League Will Reportedly End Player-To-Player Item Trading In December

Rocket League will reportedly end player-to-player item trading in December and fans of the game are not too happy with the said decision. Players all over are at the moment begging for the said decision to be reverted.

Rocket League Item Trading

Rocket League Item Trading

Rocket League is reportedly putting an end to player-to-player item trading in less than two months’ time, and fans of the game have already started expressing their anger over the situation with social media posts as well as petitions.

The news in question was announced yesterday (October 10) in an announcement post on the website of Rocket League. There, it was reportedly confirmed that the feature will be taken away on December 5 (although trades on the platform that have been conducted before this point will not be reversed).

“We’re making this change to align with Epic’s overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies, where items aren’t tradable, transferrable, or sellable,” the post reportedly explains. “This opens up future plans for some Rocket League vehicles to come to other Epic games over time, supporting cross-game ownership.”

What Players Need To Trade On the Platform

Players up to this point in time have been able to trade many things on the platform, and this is including Bonus Gifts as well as free post-game drops, as long as they get to meet certain terms and conditions. Those on the other hand who are looking to trade must be level 30 or above in-game, and players who began playing after the free-to-play update of Rocket League must have purchased at least 500 Credits or the equivalent of in-game currency with real money to make use of the said feature. For reference, 500 Credits on the platform cost $4.99 / £3.99.

User Reaction to the Decision

On Twitter, @ItsSlumpii, one Rocket League player reportedly posted a tweet that is directed at Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, urging him and “everyone at Epic to reconsider” the decision to take away trading. She wrote: “Trading is a core feature that everyone uses and nobody asked for it to be taken away. This is very clear from the response the community has given to the announcement. For a lot of people, this was the final straw due to the lack of meaningful updates to the game in recent years.”

Meanwhile on, a number of petitions as you should know have been started in an attempt to make an impact. The largest of these in question, which was started by a user known as Nick Wallgren, has accumulated more than 4,500 signatures since yesterday. Wallgren in the petition description stated that the removal of trading is an “absolute disgrace”, and that “the Rocket League team needs to rethink this decision immediately”.

What The Game’s Studio Has to Say about User Feedback and Backlash

Neither Psyonix nor Epic Games on the other hand have responded to the backlash publicly.



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