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The Round 2 Applications is now open for RêveUp Mentorship Program 2023, for women in digital comms. RêveUp, is a not-for-profit organization with a commitment to preparing, upskilling, and transitioning students of communications into the workforce. The mentorship program is done in English & French and lasts for a duration of 6 Months.

RêveUp Mentorship Program

RêveUp Mentorship Program 2023

The RêveUp Mentorship Program 2023 for Women in Digital Comms, will take place in Paris, the program aims to establish connections between industry professionals and students in other to support their advancement in the communications field.

About RêveUp

RêveUp is a registered French association that is dedicated to empowering women in digital communications.

The mentorship program aims to support students’ transition into the workforce by providing them with the necessary skills and connections to thrive in the industry.

Benefits of RêveUp Mentorship Program

For Mentees

  • Build a Supportive Community and Engage with like-minded and ambitious young professionals.
  • Share experiences and learn from peers.
  • Gain Insights from Industry Experts
  • Learn from seasoned professionals in CAC40 companies and agencies.
  • Receive valuable advice and guidance.
  • Explore Diverse Career Fields
  • Get a better understanding of the different career paths in communications.
  • Identify the most suitable career field for individual interests.
  • Enhance Networking Opportunities
  • Access a closed online community of mentors and mentees.
  • Expand professional networks for future collaborations.
  • Potential Job Opportunities
  • Connect with potential employers in their chosen field.
  • Increase chances of landing a job in digital communications.

For Mentors

  • Contribute to the development of another woman’s professional potential.
  • Make a positive impact on the future of communications.
  • Advocate for Gender-Balanced Leadership
  • Play a role in advancing gender equality in the digital communications field.
  • Support and uplift female professionals.
  • Join a closed online community of mentors and mentees.
  • Establish long-lasting connections with industry peers.
  • Engage in cross-generational collaboration and learning.
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Gain Personal Growth and Insights
  • Discover new perspectives on your industry.
  • Learn from the mentees’ fresh ideas and viewpoints.

Eligibility Criteria for RêveUp Mentorship Program

For Mentees

  • The RêveUp Mentorship Program targets graduates of, or fourth and fifth-year communications women students in September 2023 (M1 or M2)
  • Should have a passion for digital communications or digital marketing.
  • Basic proficiency in English is necessary to participate in the program.
  • Mentees are required to commit 20 hours of their time over six months.

For Mentors

  • Mentors should be women working in the communications industry.
  • Should have experience and expertise in the field.
  • Mentors should be willing to commit at least 8 hours of their time over six months.

How to Apply

All interested and qualified candidates can apply for the RêveUp Mentorship Program by visiting the organization’s official website at www.reveup.org.  There are separate application processes for mentees and mentors.

Application Deadline

August 01, 2023


Is the RêveUp Mentorship Program only for women?

Yes, the program is dedicated to supporting women in the digital communications field.

Can recent graduates apply for the mentorship program?

Yes, recent graduates in the 4th or 5th year of communications studies are eligible to apply.

How long is the mentorship program?

The program runs over a six-month period.

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