Relay Financial Review – How to Open An Account With Relay Financial

We think you will want to know what Relay Financial is all about, so we decided to give a Quick Review on this platform. It is usually very complicated for small business owners to maintain banking services and keep track of their business finances, heading to and fro a bank can really be time challenging and consuming.

Relay Financial Review

Relay Financial Review

Therefore, Relay Financial seeks to eliminate all forms of such challenges for small business owners, by creating an integrated banking and accounting experience that’s designed to eliminate the numerous challenges associated with traditional banking. Would you like to find a solution that can help you simplify your business or company’s financial management?

All you need to know about Relay Financial (Relay Financial Review) in helping you keep track of your needs are stated in this article. Take your time to explore it!

Details Of Relay Financial | Relay Financial Reviews

The details of Relay Financial include the following:

  • Name of Product: Relay Financial
  • The Minimum Deposit: $0
  • Charges on Monthly Fee: Relay Standard is $0, while Relay Pro is $30/mo
  • APY/Rewards: None
  • Promotions: None

A Brief Description Of Relay Financial

This is a digital banking platform that is designed primarily for small businesses. The platform witnessed massive growth in mid-2021 when it raised about $19.4 million in funding. Thus, with your small business, there is a lot you can benefit from this platform.

Relay digital platform is established on the belief that business banking should enable growth for small businesses. The platform seeks to provide a simplified experience to help move businesses forward and save time.

Features Of Relay Financial

Some of the features of Relay Financial are stated below:

User Permissions For Team Members

What Relay does is that it allows you to provide individual users with specific permissions, and not share your banking details. This will eventually foster easy help with money management by selected team members. Any team member can pay bills as long as he has the right permission.

This option is also good for individuals with tight schedules, who normally do not have the time to manage every single transaction, simply adopt the user permissions to provide a smooth process of having things monitored and organized.

Instantly Issue Relay Financial Debit Cards

Customers enjoy an instant collection of debit cards within their Relay checking account. Up to 50 Mastercard debit cards can be immediately issued to a team. Meanwhile, the cards can be either virtual or physical based on customers’ needs.

This will help you to easily track the spending of each individual team member and you’ll have the option to set up daily transaction limits or ATM withdrawal limits on each debit card. The Relay Financial debit card can be used to withdraw cash fee-free at over 32,000 ATMs. Additionally, these debit cards come with no foreign transaction fees.

Convenient Integrations

Using Relay Financial, you can connect your bank feeds into different accounting software, e.g Xero or QuickBooks Online can be directly integrated into Relay. Relay Financial works perfectly well with most known accounting software providers, making it possible for you to manage all of your company’s financial accounts in one place.

Bill Pay Automation

Usually, only customers who are able to upgrade to Relay Pro would get access to additional tools that can help to automate the process of paying vendors.

How to Open An Account With Relay Financial

The process of opening an account with Relay Financial only takes a couple of minutes. Kindly follow the steps below to open your Relay account

  • Visit the official webpage to sign up in minutes
  • Once you access the page, begin at the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • The first action or steps you’ll need to take is to provide your Name, Gender, and phone number.
  • You’ll also need to provide an email and create a password.

In as much as Relay Financial is able to work with most small businesses, certain businesses are not part of its operation, they include businesses that provide cryptocurrency, exchange cryptocurrency, ATMs of private individuals, money services, Gambling, or the sales of cannabis.

Is It Relay Financial App Secure?

The Relay Financial app is very safe and secured, Relay works with Evolve Bank & Trust to provide FDIC insurance on your deposits of up to $250,000. Also, the use of two-factor authentication will keep your funds safe. Also, the Master card debit card comes with a Zero Liability policy, meaning that you’re not held responsible for unauthorized charges. You’ll also have the opportunity to freeze your card at any time.


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