Steps to Increase your Business Sales With the New Instagram Features

Steps to Increase your Business Sales with the New Instagram Features

Steps to Increase your Business Sales With the New Instagram Features. If you are running a business and you have your hopes and goals on increasing sales then Instagram is a very good channel to use. Lots and lots of tools have been updated on the social network to enable the growth of small businesses. In this write-up, you will be shown some of the right tools to use and how to use these new features and tools to grow your business.

Steps to Increase your Business Sales With the New Instagram Features

How to Increase Sales on Instagram

Instagram has been working on a lot of new features and updates from 2020 till date and it is best if we all harness these tools as they are sure to yield the best results for our business.

Below are steps to take to get a winning business with the new Instagram

Use Instagram E-Commerce

The continuously growing online platform is very favorable to small businesses as it has at least 1 billion users and at least 500 million of them use Instagram stories daily.

According to Hootsuite, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business and 70% of users are likely to purchase via mobile. This means that Instagram E-commerce is a goldmine of opportunities for the small, medium or large business owner.

Features of Instagram Shopping

The collection of the E-commerce features of Instagram collectively called Instagram shopping is a sure bet for increasing your sales. A summary of the features is listed below.

  • The shop feature allows you to turn your business page into a customizable shop.
  • A shop tag to help you get discovered by other users on Instagram. More like a tag containing a list of businesses in the users’ line of interest.
  • Shopping tags to make your products shoppable without leaving the app.
  • A product detail page to contain other details of your product like the sizes available, colors, shipping details, prices, related products recommendations, a gallery of product pictures, etc.
  • Combine products pages into collections. This feature allows you to group certain related products together for better navigation by your customers.
  • Leverage ads with your product tags.
  • Instagram Checkouts to complete orders without leaving the app. Although this feature is restricted to some countries.
  • Products launch announcement feature to build the enthusiasm of users towards your products. This way, users can set reminders and purchase products as soon as they are available.
  • Live shopping to enable you to showcase your products on the video to users.

Get Creators to Partner with your Brand with Instagram’s New Tools

This feature carries a benefit for not just the brand owners but for creators as well. Here, creators can partner with your business by showcasing your products on their storefronts.

Creators will earn commissions per product sold therefore, it is a feature to leverage since it benefits both the business owners and the creators.

Share your Link With the New Instagram Story Link Sticker

As a business owner who has a business site or an eCommerce website, you could easily link your Instagram followers to your site to check out your products or services with this feature.

Instagram story link sticker is one of the most important features included in Instagram’s latest updates to help small business owners.

Know your Brand’s Online Performance With Instagram’s Updated Analytics

It is best to know which tool is working best for you and which tool is not yielding the best results. This is why Instagram analytics is a very important tool to use like a business person.

This tool (the professional dashboard) which is available for both creators and businesses has three major features to enable business growth. These features are given below;

Track your Performance – Steps to Increase your Business Sales

This enables you to discover insights and trends based on the performance of your account.

Grow your Business

This feature gives you access to a lot of tools to assist you in building your business effectively. This includes features like checking your monetization status and eligibility.

Stay Informed

This gives you access to tips and tricks and inspiration to help you make the most of your Instagram time.

Other features of the professional dashboard include;

Reel Insights – Showing your plays, accounts reached, likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Live Insights – Showing accounts reached, views, peak concurrent viewers, comments, and shares.

Reach Updates – More transparency into your audience, who you reached, and how you reached them.

Conclusively, Instagram is a fast-growing social network which small business owners can leverage to grow their business. Apart from the features given above, other new features have been updated to give you a better experience with the social Platform.


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