Public Voices Fellowship 2024 – APPLY NOW

Applications are now open for Public Voices Fellowship 2024 on Technology in the Public Interest. This fellowship is offered by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the OpEd Project.

Public Voices Fellowship

The Public Voices Fellowship aims to bring together individuals with expertise and experience in researching and advocating for solutions to address the social impacts of technology. Fellows will receive several benefits such as leadership development, and knowledge enhancement and support, to empower fellows to advance beyond their fields.

Public Voices Fellowship

The Public Voices Fellowship on Technology in the Public Interest, in collaboration with the MacArthur Foundation, is a critical part of The OpEd Project’s national initiative, seeking to revolutionize the narrative behind history.

The program employs a world-renowned curriculum and approach that focuses on leadership, power dynamics, and action within an unjust world. Through proven methods of transformational learning, fellows explore the nuances of credibility, idea dissemination, the psychology of changing minds, and the evolution of concepts over time and space.

The fellowship aims to equip selected individuals with the necessary tools, insider knowledge, media connections, and high-level support to influence on a large scale. Moreover, fellows will join a national network of peers, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation across various institutions.


The Public Voices Fellowship has garnered a remarkable track record, leading to personal, professional, and public achievements with far-reaching consequences.

Past fellows have had their op-eds published in influential platforms and gone on to author paradigm-shifting books.

They have advised Congress, consulted for the White House, initiated groundbreaking research studies and centers, and sparked both national and international debates.


Participating fellows are expected to engage in four virtual convenings, each lasting either a full day or half-day, scheduled at intervals of two to three months.

They are committed to composing a minimum of two opinion pieces throughout the duration of the fellowship.

To enhance their growth, fellows will receive personalized, one-on-one coaching from experienced journalists throughout the year.

They will have periodic opportunities to engage in calls with prominent thinkers and influencers and receive customized email support and news updates weekly.

After completing the fellowship, they gain access to a powerful network comprising their peers and The OpEd Project’s network of esteemed journalist mentors.


To apply for the Public Voices Fellowship on Technology in the Public Interest, kindly click the link given below:

Provide accurate information as required

After entering the details Required, Click the submit button located below the page


To ensure a diverse cohort, fellows will be selected through a highly competitive process that considers various factors, such as:

  • Gender
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Area of expertise
  • Work history and
  • Experience as agents of change.

The fellowship welcomes applications from individuals aged 18 years and above.

Applicants will receive feedback on their applications (successful or not), by late August. Successful Candidates are required to confirm their participation promptly.

Application Deadline

August 1, 2023.

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