Pixel Watch 2 Teaser Reveals a New Crown and Sensor Layout

Pixel Watch 2 teaser reveals a new crown and sensor layout. The next pixel watch from Google as you should know will be sporting a totally different sensor array from what we have seen before from its predecessors. And it is also IP68-rated for protection against dust and water.

Pixel Watch 2 Teaser

Pixel Watch 2 Teaser

Google just recently dropped a teaser video of the Pixel Watch 2. And while the smartwatch may look awfully similar to the original and what we have seen before, there are some key and notable differences such as a new crown, an IP68 rating, and then a totally different sensor array.

In the run-up to its Made by Google launch event that is stipulated to take place on October 4th in New York, Google has reportedly been “leaking” glimpses of its upcoming Pixel lineup, and this is including Thursday’s closeup of the Pixel 8 Pro as well as the much smaller Pixel 8. However, our looks and take on the Pixel Watch 2 have been relatively fleeting. This newly released video, while short, is the very first time that we have been able to confirm some real differences in terms of design. (Yes, I repeatedly replayed the video a couple of times and held up my very own Pixel Watch as a reference.)

The Difference with the Pixel Watch 2 from Its Predecessors

For beginners, the biggest difference here is the sensor array. The original Pixel Watch as you should know has a border of EKG electrodes but a thin pill-shaped array reportedly housing the rectangular optical sensors. On the Pixel Watch 2 on the other hand, you can clearly see a more circular design with smaller LEDs. Rumors making the rounds have thus far shown that the Pixel Watch 2 will feature the continuous electrodermal activity sensor of the Sense 2, so that may just be a good reason for a redesign.

Specs and Feature

You can also get to see a glimpse of an IP68 rating. The original Pixel Watch in case you don’t know only had a “water resistance of 50m” rating. This isn’t at all terribly surprising, as the original one was also rated for 5ATM of water resistance, which generally is what is needed to be considered swimproof. The IP68 at least then confirms a level of dust resistance as well.

The Pixel Watch 2 Crown Design

Lastly, the crown on the watch appears to sit more flush with the screen. On the original watch, you can clearly see a very small cutout. Otherwise, however, the Pixel Watch 2 clearly has a very much similar overall design to the original. That in question seems to hint that any major upgrades may come from software upgrades or internal components. For example, the Pixel Watch 2 is very much expected to go for the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Plus platform over the last-gen Exynos chip of Samsung.

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 Preorder and Availability

In any case, we really do not have to wait too much longer. Google has revealed that you will be able to preorder the Pixel Watch 2 on October 4th, and the firm is also reportedly hosting a big Pixel event that same day.



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