Google Pixel 6 Teaser Gives First Look at the Upcoming Phone

Google Pixel 6 teaser gives first look at the upcoming phone – recently, Google released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming Pixel 6 device. And this teaser trailer includes several shots of the smartphone being used in a real-world situation.

Google Pixel 6 Teaser Gives First Look at the Upcoming Phone

Google Pixel 6 Teaser Gives First Look at the Upcoming Phone

The trailer comes in just after a month the parent company, Google released its first official image. The images however were limited to renders rather than the actual photographs that fans were hoping for. Globally fans are excited and expecting this device. And since Apple and Samsung have given a preview into their next line of devices, pixel fans are eager than ever, and not just how the device will look, but also when it will be released and unveiled.

When Will the Google Pixel 6 Phone Be Unveiled

Google has not yet officially released an official release date for this device. But on their Instagram page, the company has teased about the new phone. And on the teaser on their Instagram page, they left hints about when the official launch might take place.

And from the hints, the launch may take place beyond “this fall.” The clock widgets on the teaser images show the date as “Tuesday 19th” as pointed by Android Police.  The19th of October falls on a Tuesday no doubt. And this date is just a little over the date Google announced for the Pixel 5 last year (September 30th).

Google Pixel 6 Features

Last month when Google announced that the Pixel 6 will be powered by the new system on a chip (SoC) designed by Google called the Tensor, a worker on the verge was opportune to try it out. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance to photograph it. The tensor will feature a tensor processing unit to help speed up AI operations. The Pixel 6 will come in two versions. There will be a pixel 6 pro and a regular pixel 6.

The pixel 6 pro will have a 6.7 inch 120Hz QHD+ curved display. It will also be having three rear cameras including an ultra-wide and a 4X optical zoom folded telephoto lens. The regular Pixel 6 on the other hand will have a smaller 6.4-inch 90Hz FHD+ flat display. Also, there will be no telephoto camera like the pixel 6 pro.


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