Phasmophobia Is Set To Release Its Biggest Update Yet

Phasmophobia is set to release its biggest update yet and with it, the gaming firm is reportedly going to overhaul in-game content. I really don’t know how gamers are going to feel about this one as it sounds really interesting.

Phasmophobia Biggest Update

Phasmophobia Biggest Update

Kinetic Games just recently made an announcement that Phasmophobia will be getting its “biggest update yet” on August 17, which as you should know plans to target and refresh a vast number of in-game items as well as locations for a reported better user experience.

Phasmophobia: Ascension, or Progression 2.0 as it is also titled, according to reports plans to alter almost everything in regards to the game. And aside from a general revamp of things such as the truck that you arrive in and character and ghost animations, there is also a mass of new content being added and included to the game in order to keep the game just as chilling.

New evidence will also be introduced, fresh locations are being added, and a host of new ghost types will make their way into the game, to name just a few changes we can get to expect down the line.

What Gamers Should Expect With This New Update

In addition to the whole development, an entirely new leveling system is being introduced in a bid to help make progress feel more rewarding to gamers. Equipment on the other hand will be expanded across a tier system which as you should know you will get to need to level up during your playthrough.

Between loadouts as well as successful hunting, you will be needing to upgrade your equipment across three tiers in order to make your missions more efficient. And because of this, equipment as you know will also have capabilities that will be restricted or enhanced but however depending on which tier that you are working with, thus resulting in the total number of equipment increasing from 20 to a reported 60.

The sheer scale of the update in question also means that any progress will be reset immediately after the update is ruled out, so even well-seasoned ghost hunters in the game will be reportedly taken back to level one. And for those on the other hand who have spent many hours in the game unlocking new areas, you have nothing to be afraid of, as you will still be able to get access to several or any locations or even difficulties that you have unlocked in a version of the game prior to the update, alongside getting a badge to reflect where it is that you left off before the update.

The Full Patch Notes of the Update Are Yet To Be Released

The full patch notes of the update as you should know are still yet to be released, but the information we do have in regards to the update suggests that there are a lot of important changes planned to help shake up the whole experience while still getting to maintain the core mechanics of ghost hunting with your friends in order to make things even spookier.



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