Face ID is Coming to MacBooks and iMacs Finally

Face ID is coming to MacBooks and iMacs finally. Face ID which as you should already know is one of the best features of Apple’s iPhone is now finally coming to a Mac device close to you. While this is a really welcomed development, many feel that this is a long-overdue feature.

Face ID Coming to MacBooks and iMacs

Face ID Coming to MacBooks and iMacs

A just-released patent shows that Apple is already in plans to incorporate its Face ID biometric authentication system into its iMacs and MacBook Pros line.

The patent in question which is titled “Light Recognition Module for Determining a User of a Computing Device” details the how as well as the why of this tech.

The reasoning behind having this very technology embedded in these Apple devices in question is twofold. The first and most obvious reason here is to enable users more choices in how they get to unlock their devices.

Especially considering the fact that making use of passwords and pins, while useful on their very own, can easily be exploited in the event an unauthorized user gets access to either. Face ID, however, solves that problem simply by using your very own face to unlock a device, thus meaning a far lower chance of someone breaking or getting access to your MacBook or iMac.

The second reason here, and one that Apple makes use of in the patent, is that users tend to perform complex tasks that involved pieces of information that are both sensitive and vulnerable. And since Face ID tech is much more personalized and theoretically even more effective than other forms of device locking, this method in question better protects your personal data from external and unauthorized access. And not to mention that the technology utilized for Face ID, which is very small enough to fit in your iPhone, should not get to compromise the size or functionality of your best MacBook or Mac.

How Face ID Will Work On These Devices

In the patent in question, the computer-bound Face ID makes use of “a light pattern recognition module that may be incorporated within a computing device (e.g., a laptop computer, a notebook, a desktop computer, etc.).” The module as you should know would be located in a partition, which as you know could be a “notch, a circle, an ellipse, a polygonal shape, a series of polygonal shapes, a curvilinear shape, or the like.”

And considering the fact that MacBooks and iMacs are now popular for notches, it would most likely be incorporated in the notch of MacBooks, which as you know would help to maintain that thin and compact profile of yours.

Will the News of This Development Come To Light?

There is of course a chance that this particular tech will never actually see the light of day, as Apple researches as well as patents quite a bit of technology. But considering the fact that Apple has been planning apparently for ages to bring Face ID to MacBook devices, this very patent in question has a real shot at becoming a reality.

There is also the fact that the path that the Face ID is following now was the same as for Touch ID, which is yet another Apple innovation. Touch ID initially came out for iPhone, then it reportedly migrated to iPad, and then to MacBooks. Face ID on the other hand also got its start from iPhone, and now this patent gets to make it to the surface. It now seems like a really solid chance of seeing Face ID making its way to Mac PCs and laptops.



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