Peacock Free Plan Shuts Down For New Accounts

Peacock free plan for new accounts is no longer on the cards as the company reportedly shuts down the tier. The $5 monthly premium plan and tier with ads of the company is now the cheapest option available for new customers.

Peacock Free Plan

Peacock Free Plan

Peacock has now dropped its free streaming plan for customers that are signing up for the NBCUniversal streaming service and platform, which is a move that will now priorities its $5 and $10 monthly memberships from now on.

The streaming platform eliminated its free, ad-supported plan for any new accountants starting Monday according to a user familiar with the whole matter. The free plan however still exists, but only for users with existing peacock accounts, the person added. Anyone who has been streaming the content of peacock free with ads will still be able to continue streaming in that manner, and people with paid membership on the other hand can also step down to the free, limited version of the platform and service in the vent that they stop paying.

Peacock Launched Back In 2022 In The Middle Of a Flurry of New Streaming Services

The reported change was earlier revealed on Tuesday by The Streamable. Peacock launched back in 2022 in the middle of a flurry of new streaming services from media and tech giants and this is including Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus. Of all the services, Peacock was the only service at the time to offer a free plan.

Peacock Previously Had Three Plans

Peacock previously had three tiers which are a limited basic plan that was free is an all-inclusive plan that costs $5 monthly with ads known as premium and an all-inclusive plan that $10 monthly without ads which is called Premium Plus. The free plan as you should know limited just how much you could watch, and the most popular programs were well behind a paywall.

Users Will Require a Paid Subscription to Get Access to Popular Shows on Peacock

Well-known and popular shows such as Yellowstone will require a paid subscription as well as the newest movies, most episodes of peacock’s originals, and live sports such as Premier League Matches, but the limited free tier however had access to roughly two-thirds of the total catalog of Peacock.


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