Top Nursing Recruiting Agencies In USA for Nurses In 2023

There are so many nursing recruitment agencies in the United States, this article will reveal the top nursing recruiting agencies in the USA, that are currently recruiting.

Top Nursing Recruiting Agencies in USA Recruiting

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Top Nursing Recruiting Agencies in USA Recruiting

There are two major ways nurses are recruited in the United States;

  • Through a recruitment agency, and
  • By direct trusts without any intermediaries.

Before using a recruitment agency, you must know some basic things about recruitment agencies such as the fees and the charges for accommodation and language lessons. There are lots of fake recruitment agencies out there, so it is important to choose a recruitment agency with a good reputation and reviews.

For this, reason, we have compiled a list of some of the Top Nursing Recruitment Agencies In the USA. Before going into the list, let’s get some more details about recruitment agencies.

Difference Between Direct-Hire & Contract/Agency Hire

Direct hire is known as permanent placement and in this model of recruitment, the Visas of candidates are petitioned directly by the healthcare organization as the employer. all the candidates who are hired through this method will receive the same pay and benefits as other staff members.

Contract hire is also known as a temporary hire or temporary to permanent hire. In this model, candidates are recruited by a staffing agency that employs international nurses upon arrival In the United States.


Requirements to be a Nurse in the USA

The requirements for being a nurse in the United States are the same for locals and foreigners. Here are the requirements below;

  • You must have a clean criminal record
  • Health declaration
  • You must pass the English proficiency test required
  • All candidates must have a four-year nursing degree from an accredited school
  • You must have a 2-year working experience in your home country (for foreigners).
  • Every candidate must pass the NCLEX-RN in the state where the nurse intends to work. The term, NCLEX-RN stands for National Council Licensure Examination and it is a very compulsory exam that you must take to be licensed as a nurse in the USA.

These are the major requirements needed to get a nursing certification or license in the United States.

Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies In the USA

Guardian Healthcare services

This recruitment agency has over 25 years of experience. Their major focus is not on quality services alone but also on building the best relationships with their clients. This is because they believe that keeping the best relationship is the best solution to long-term staffing. Guardian healthcare services are good at detailing and they are trustworthy. This service finds opportunities that suit its customers and provide training whenever and wherever necessary.

Visit their official website at;

ADEX Medical Staffing

This agency takes its customers as its major priority. They deal with the candidates as their clients and not employers. They aim at promoting the careers of applicants and giving them the best support along the way. They do not charge fees and they take care of all legal procedures. This service helps with all your migration processes and conducts medical assessments.

Visit their major website at;

O’Grady Peyton International

This agency has spent the last 40 years positioning nurses in delightful careers. The agency is dignified by connecting the world’s best nurses with America’s finest healthcare organizations. Furthermore, these people assist their clients with services like licensing exams, visa screenings, and immigration requirements. Visit their official website at;

Alda Professional Placement Services

This service is all about the quality or value offered to employers and their employees. This recruitment agency helps its applicants to get the best jobs in the most exceptional healthcare organizations. The success of all applicants is very vital to them. Contact this company through their major website;

Premier Healthcare Professional

This organization is fondly called PHP. It is one of the biggest nursing recruitment agencies in the United States. It specializes in building a family of health care professionals by navigating them through exceptional employment opportunities.  They have given the United States 20 years of perfect service while providing quality and not quantity. This is proven by their numerous industry awards and recognition. Visit their website at;  to get more information about them.

Medliant International Healthcare Staffing

The major purpose of this organization is to act as a portal for providing professional nurses to reduce the healthcare crisis in the United States. Medliant International Healthcare Staffing is one Nursing Recruitment Agency in the United States that helps you secure and get started at your job while providing adequate support every year. They give benefits, insurance, sponsorship and so much more. Contact them by visiting their website at;

Wilson Staffing Network

Wilson is one of the best International Nurse Recruitment Agencies in the United States. Its staffing network meets the needs of all its applicants and provides adequate provisions for their needs. They work with attorneys on every recruit made to ensure that quality service is rendered.  To reach out to them, visit their website below;

RCM Healthcare Services

This service has spent over 40 years of matching the finest healthcare organizations with highly dedicated and qualified professional nurses from around the world. They provide matches by linking the needs of their clients with the goals of their applicants. To contact them, visit their website at,

Global Nursing Recruiters

Global Nursing recruiters is one of the Nursing Agencies Recruiting Specifically from Africa. They specialize in training both African and Caribbean nurses to be qualified to work in the United States. They equip these nurses with all the knowledge required to provide quality nursing services in the United States. Contact them by visiting their website below;

Comprehensive Medical Staffing

Comprehensive Medical Staffing is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in the United States of America. Their major aim is to provide healthcare facilities with the best-registered nurses either foreigners or locals to ensure a better quality of their patient care. Contact them through their website at;

These are ten of the best Nursing Recruitment Agencies in the USA for International Nurses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Top Nursing Recruiting Agencies in USA Recruiting

What’s The Highest Paid Nurse in the USA?

The highest-paid nurses in the United States are certified anesthetics nurses.

Where in the USA Needs Nurses the Most?

The state with the highest need for nurses in California.

How Can I Find a Nursing Job In the USA?

Immediately after you have registered your Nurse License, you can get a job in the United States through a recruiting agency or a U.S based employer. Immediately after you have received a nursing job in the United States, the next step to take is to apply for a nonimmigrant visa that will allow you to work in the United States.

What Licenses do you need to work in the United States as a Nurse?

To work in the United States of America as a foreign-trained nurse, you will have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam in the state where you intend to work. After that, you must look into the states that are part of the Nursing license compact and provide a multi-state license.

To take the NCLER-RN test, international nurses are required to take a prescreening test, so that the nurses can determine if they need a refresher course or not.

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