Overwatch 2 Beta Updates Gives Zenyatta a New Ability

Overwatch 2 Beta Updates Gives Zenyatta a New Ability that is great. A new patch has been released by blizzard for overwatch 2, nerfing string characters and buffing weaker ones. Plus, Zenyatta has received a new, experimental ability.

Overwatch 2 Beta Updates Gives Zenyatta a New Ability

In a patch that has now gone live, a multitude of changes and fixes have been created to try and shake up the current Overwatch 2 beta. The most drastic change would be coming to Zenyatta, who would be receiving an entirely new ability.

Overwatch 2 Beta Updates Gives Zenyatta a New Ability

He now happens to own a new passive, making him a bit harder to get close to, offering him much-needed survivability. His new passive, ‘Snap Kick’, increases his melee damage by about 50% and significantly increases its Knockback. This would allow you get enemies out of his face, and a much stronger melee making him particularly dangerous to dive characters like the tracer who would now be afraid of getting too close.

In the patch notes, the developers explained: “Zenyatta has issues when it comes to fighting at close range, so he was at a disadvantage if an enemy get flanked or probably jumped on top of him. His new passive, snap kick, would aid you in creating space and put out enemies at his fighting range.”

Well, we think that this new passive would come as a fund adjustment to his kit, also we want this change to get acknowledge community concerns. We understand the fact that support heroes feel more vulnerable, and we are looking to give Zenyatta tools that would aid in creating space between him and his enemies.

Right on top of this, Zenyatta’s base shields are increased from 150 to 175, offering him more health.

Balance Changes and Bug Fixes

Elsewhere, another returning character is wrecking ball, the character is coming from a short stint out of overwatch 2 due to his ability to kick out every other player that is in the game. Right on top of that, he is returning with a buff, increasing his Knockback by 36% which would aid him in displacing the enemy’s team more.

Soldier 76 deals the highest damage in the game, and is seeing pretty big nerfs, too, in an effort to bring him back in line alongside the rest of the roster. His bullets now deal about 18 damage rather than 20 and his sprint has been reduced by 10%.

He received a little help in the form of buffs to his ultimate, however. Tactical Visor allows for critical hits and it no longer takes out the damage falloff from his heavy pulse rifle.

Also, there are quality of life changes, that includes fixes to the kill fee not displaying the right information or health packs missing timers.

Balancing the Patch

While this is just a balancing patch for the beta, it’s is great to get a patch just a week after the launch of the beta. Blizzard’s cadence of communications and action so far is quite encouraging, especially with two years of near radio silence that just past us. If this level of engagement continues, players certainly would feel that their concerns are being heard.

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