How to Use Lists To Organize Your Friends on Facebook

Do you know how to use lists to organize your friends on Facebook? Well, this is simple. And if you continue reading the content of this post, everything you need to know in regards to organizing your friends on Facebook using a list will be shared.

How to Use Lists To Organize Your Friends on Facebook

How to Use Lists to Organize your Friends on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms out there in the world right now, if not the best. The platform is well known today due to its versatility. Facebook can be used for just about anything.

You can use Facebook as a social place in getting to know and communicate with friends and family. It can also be used as a business front in getting new clients and keeping up with old clients at the same time.

And in regards to the social aspect of Facebook, the platform is nothing without friends, hence this post today. It is true that not all the friends we have in our lives offer the same purpose. Some friends are close while some on the other hand are not as close. We may have close friends with which we share exclusive things, or acquaintances, which are people which you share fewer things with.

Type of Friends List on Facebook

Facebook gives us the option to organize our friends on the platform according to the importance or roles they play in our lives. There is the close friend’s list which contains friends you share exclusive things with. There are acquaintances which are people we may share less exclusive things with.

And lastly, the restricted, which may contain a list for people you may have added as friends on the platform but don’t want to share with. An example of this type of friend is your boss. And when you add a person to your restricted list on Facebook, they will only see posts that you have made public or posts that you have tagged them on.

How to See Your Friend List On Facebook

To see your friend list on Facebook, follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook account on your device and click friends in the left menu.
  • If you cannot see the friends option, click the drop-down arrow icon to see more.
  • Next, click on custom lists and then click on a friend list to open. You can also click on the create list option to create a new friend list.

That’s it!


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