Brake Fluid Exchange Cost – How to Change Brake Fluid by Yourself

If you want to know the cost of the Brake fluid exchange services, you are in the right place. Though this service is neglected by most drivers, it is very important as it helps the braking system of your car function well.

Brake Fluid Exchange Cost

You wouldn’t want to drive your car with a faulty brake system. Would you? If your answer is no, you need to include this service in your car’s routine maintenance. In this article, you would learn more about this service, how much it costs and why you need to change the brake fluid in your car regularly.

Brake Fluid Exchange Cost

The brake of your car is an important part of the car. Most times, drivers only pay attention to the pads and rotors when maintaining the system. This is bad as the fluid also plays a key role since the system is a hydraulic one. So, what is brake fluid? This is a liquid that lubricates the braking system of a vehicle.

The braking system of your car is mainly hygroscopic in nature. When your feet press against the pedal on a car, this hydraulic fluid transmits hydraulic pressure throughout the system, this is one of the actions that result in the car halting. With this, you can see that this liquid is an important one.

What is a Brake Fluid Exchange?

This is a maintenance service carried out on a car with the aim of changing the contaminated fluid in your braking system. This can also be known as the braking system flush services.

The liquid is designed to function optimally at high temperatures. But with time, it loses its effectiveness. Also, when it comes in contact with air, it absorbs moisture. This lowers the boiling point gradually reducing its value.

Lastly, dirt and debris can build up in this fluid with time. If your brake pedal becomes stiff and you notice unusual sounds when applying pressure on your brake pedal, these are clear indicators that your brake system needs flushing and maintenance.

How much does the Brake Fluid Change Cost?

Having known the importance of this service, you may be curious about the amount it would cost you to get it done. The cost of these services varies with the product of the fluid and the labor fee. After you purchase the brake fluid, you would need to contact your mechanic for the labor cost.

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How much do Brake Fluids Cost?

This hydraulic fluid is not expensive at all. It costs between $20 to $50. On Amazon, you can get good products of this fluid at affordable prices. Some of these products include:

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How to Change Brake Fluid by Yourself

Carrying out this service by yourself would save you some money. It very easy to

  • Park your car on a leveled surface.
  • Set the car in gear and place a barrier behind the tires to keep them from rolling.
  • Open the hood of your car and locate the Master cylinder.
  • With a small siphon, turkey baster, or large syringe, drain out the fluid from inside the Master cylinder reservoir.
  • Refill the reservoir with the fresh fluid up to the fill line.
  • Check with your Manufacturer to know which brake caliper to bleed first.
  • Once you get the information on which brake caliper to bleed first, jack up that side of the car and remove the wheel to access the caliper that you are about to bleed.
  • Pour the Brake fluid through the tube. when you notice that the old fluid is removed totally is when clear fluid flows through the tube.
  • Move to other brake calipers and bleed using the same process.
  • After the last wheel is bled you can fill the reservoir back to the fill line.

With the steps above, you would be able to carry out the service yourself without difficulties.

How to Locate Brake Fluid Change Near Me

It’s quite easy for you to carry out these services by yourself. However, you may want to locate and visit an auto service center to carry out this job.

You can locate an auto care service center near you with the steps below:

  • Turn on the location on your device and connect it to the internet.
  • Open the browser on the device.
  • Enter the phrase “Brake fluid change near me” into the search bar.
  • On the opened page, you can go through the list of auto centers.
  • Click or tap on the one that suits you.

Having done this, you would be able to book an appointment for this service. Whether you are carrying out this service by yourself or with the help of your mechanic, you are advised to do it regularly. It is also recommended that you change the fluid when you change the brake pads or rotor.

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