O’Shaughnessy Fellowships 2024 (Up to $100,000 Grant) – Apply Now

The O’Shaughnessy Ventures is thrilled to announce the launch of the prestigious O’Shaughnessy Fellowships for the year 2024. The fellowship is spearheaded by the visionary Jim O’Shaughnessy, Founder and CEO, it aims to empower ambitious individuals worldwide to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful impact on society.

O’Shaughnessy Fellowships

In its continuous pursuit of excellence, O’Shaughnessy Ventures is proud to elevate the Fellowship Program for 2024. Building upon the success of the previous year, this year’s program promises enhanced support and access to a network of founders, investors, and experts. The 2024 Fellowships offer more opportunities for aspiring creators and builders to thrive.

O’Shaughnessy Fellowships 2024 – What to Expect

The beauty of the O’Shaughnessy Fellowships lies in its inclusivity. In a world where geographical boundaries are becoming increasingly irrelevant, this program welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds and walks of life. Age, gender, sexual orientation; none of these factors are barriers to entry. What truly matters is passion, talent, and a drive to make a difference.

Benefits of the O’Shaughnessy Fellowships

  • Financial Support: Fellows will receive a $100,000 grant to kickstart their projects and bring their ideas to fruition. This financial support provides the freedom and flexibility needed to pursue ambitious ventures without constraints.
  • Access to Resources: As part of the fellowship, participants will gain access to a vast network of investors, partners, and mentors.
  • Global Community: Joining the O’Shaughnessy Fellowship means becoming part of a vibrant and diverse community of innovators and trailblazers. Participants will get to share ideas and collaborate on projects.
  • Grant Opportunities: In addition to the main fellowship, twenty individuals will each receive a $10,000 grant to further fuel their endeavors. This additional funding, coupled with access to OSV’s network, provides recipients with the resources needed to bring their projects to life.
  • Remote Accessibility: O’Shaughnessy fellowship is entirely remote, allowing participants to work from anywhere in the world.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age Requirement: Individuals over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for the O’Shaughnessy Fellowships.
  • Global Accessibility: The fellowship is open to adults worldwide, irrespective of their background or location. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, as long as you possess a strong portfolio showcasing your work, you’re encouraged to apply.
  • Demonstrated Initiative: The ideal candidates are those who have consistently demonstrated initiative and proactiveness in their endeavors. Whether through personal projects, academic pursuits, or professional achievements, a track record of taking charge and driving change is highly valued.
  • Determination and Resourcefulness: O’Shaughnessy Ventures seeks individuals who are determined, possess good judgment, and can make ingenious use of limited resources to achieve their goals. Adaptability, resilience, and a willingness to think outside the box are key attributes of successful applicants.

How to Apply for O’Shaughnessy Fellowships 2024

To apply for the O’Shaughnessy Fellowships:

For more information, visit O’Shaughnessy Ventures on https://www.osv.llc/oshaughnessy-fellowships

Application Deadline

The application deadline for O’Shaughnessy Fellowships 2024 cohort, is April 30, 2024.

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