OnePlus 12 Reportedly Leaked and Important Details Revealed

OnePlus 12 reportedly leaked and important details were revealed in the process. The leaks in question however suggest that it will be walking back a very controversial choice of design. The camera module on the other hand will be retaining the three-lens circular array.

OnePlus 12 Reportedly Leaked

OnePlus 12 Reportedly Leaked

A series of new leaks and renders for the upcoming OnePlus 12 device just recently surfaced, thus indicating that the company may just be replacing a contentious camera module.

If it is that you are not familiar with the story, a prior leak of the OnePlus 12 back in July revealed that the rear camera system had a rectangular, and stainless steel “bump” just underneath the two lenses. Online reactions to this very steel plate were mixed, to say the least. But, as per a recent MySmartPrice report, OnePlus is now going for a more familiar design for the camera island on its upcoming flagship device. It will be, just as 9to5Google puts it, “less ugly” looking for many.

The renders in question show that the three OnePlus 12 lenses will be housed in a circular module with a reported blank space on the bottom right. The stainless steel portion on the other hand is reportedly gone. It is still very much unknown as to what this fourth space will be holding. We thought initially that it could hold the flashbulb of the smartphone. And after all, that is where it is located on the OnePlus 11.

However, if you get to look very closely at the renders, the bulb is actually located in the upper left-hand corner. The hole on the other hand could just be where the rumored 64MP periscope lens will be located. And of course, we really cannot say for sure at the moment.

Other Design Changes of the OnePlus 12

Besides the changes to the setup of the camera, the MySmartPrice report however does make mention of one other design change. The Hasselblad logo located on the module has subsequently been replaced with the stylized ‘H’ of the brand and it will reportedly be moved to the far left of the device.

Other than that, the phone looks very much identical to prior renders. The display of the phone will have a “punch-hole cutout” in the center which will be for the selfie lens. Additionally, the power, as well as alert sliders, will be located on the right side of the device “whereas the volume keys will be on the left”.

What to Take Off These Renders

This very piece of information comes from notable industry insider OnLeaks who reportedly claims that these images are “based on pre-production [units]” This simply means that these pictures show a close approximation of what the final design may get to look like.

As just as it is with every leak, take this very piece of information with a grain of salt. Things could always change at the very last minute. Maybe OnePlus gets to change its mind a second time and revert back to the steel bump.

OnePlus 12 Launch Date

The launch date for the OnePlus 12 line is still very much unknown for now, although rumors however point to the phone releasing first in China this very December. A global rollout of the phone will reportedly occur in either January or February with a $699 price tag attached to it. It is also said that the mobile device will be available in black and sandstone.



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