Android 12 Might Come with OnePlus Theme Store – OnePlus Open Ears Forum

If you are one of the many users of OnePlus, then you probably might have been enjoying the Theme store that the company provided for the smartphones. But, at the moment, it seems that Android 12 Might Come with the OnePlus Theme Store which would be really great for all Android users.

Android 12 Might Come with OnePlus Theme Store

Perhaps More than any other top Smartphone makers OnePlus is happy with how community-centric it is. As a matter of fact, there have been several times when it was the community’s voice that happens to be heard over the company’s own decisions, at least in places where the two of them could meet halfway.

Well, that took place when OnePlus put the much-requested Always-on Display or AOD feature to a community vote and the company is once again heeding all its users’ requested for a theme store that might be coming up along with the upgrade for the Android and OxygenOS.

Android 12 Might Come with OnePlus Theme Store

A lot of people are at the moment are customizing their phones and all the Android users are often the advantage of how more open the platform is. Creating a theme right from the start is not what a lot of people like to do and OnePlus users have been requesting a hub to download and share the community’s further input first.

OnePlus Open Ears Forum

OnePlus would soon be holding their regular Open Ear Forum, its version of a town hall meeting where they get to meet up with users in other to solicit feedback as well as they provide insights from the company. This year’s OEF would, of course, be very different from the past ones. Like last year’s OEF, this would be held online, this meant that there would be more people on the platform compared to the local, in-person events.

OnePlus Theme Store

“Offline” OEF event would still take place but it would not happen until OnePlus is 100% sure that they are safe. With that stated, the online event is still needed for registration and participants would be offered the physical goodies anyway.

It is still not recognized at this point how OnePlus decided to implement this Theme Store. Wallpapers are no-brainers, of course, but everything else remains up in the air, it seems. OxygenOS 12, which would arrive at Android 12, happens to be the best time to make this happen but the main question here is which of the smartphones would actually receive the update and when.


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