Mass Effect Trilogy Extras go Free-to-Download – Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition

As a Fan of the Amazing Mass Effect Game, you should probably have heard about the Mass Effect trilogy. Well, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition would be launching in the coming week and right before the launch, Bioware and Electronic Arts have made some extras from the original Mass Effect trilogy free for a limited time.

Mass Effect Trilogy Extras go Free-to-Download

Mass Effect Trilogy extras go Free-to-Download

A lot of what remains includes extras that part of the Mass Effect 2 and 3 Deluxe Editions, although there’s also one big bonus coming from the Mass Effect. The 1.7Gb download would be available on the Mass Effect website starting today. It would not be available until the 31st of May 2021 or until the download capacity is reached.

So, if you want these extras, you might want to download the compilation sooner rather than later just to be sure that BioWare and EA do not pull it down right before you would have the chance to nab it.

Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition

After downloading the 1.7GB of Bandwidth what would you get? To start with, you would receive 88 tracks coming from the trilogy, which would include the soundtrack for the original Mass Effect and a new track from the legendary Edition that is called the resynthesis. BioWare also happens to have uploaded all of those tracks to Youtube in one 4-hour video that has been fully timestamped, so you can listen to it that way if you wish.

The download also comes with 2 PDF art books from Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, and two Dark Horse comic books that are also in PDF form Mass Effect: Redemption issue 1 and Mass Effect: Invasion issue 1. And finally, you would also receive the digital lithograph of the Normandy, which really looks great.

And to round it all up, it is not a bad collection of bonus content for any Mass Effect die-hards that is out there, most especially considering the fact that is totally free. The content is still available until May 31st, so hit the link above if you wish to download the compilation for yourself.


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